Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring - What to wear!

Spring is here, the sun is out and Summer is almost ready to take over. What to wear ? Here's just a few things which will make you shine this Spring.
The whole masculine look is still in for us ladies. For spring and summer, some masculine patterns on a pair of shorts will do the job! Try not to wear things too tight as it will ruin the look. Michelle's current look is a great example of this masculine look.
Cosmetic colours
Pretty peachy or blush colours look great this season especially on adorable dresses! Keep it simple and you'll look great!
Retro ruffles
The best way to burst into Spring! Look great, feel great, dress great.. Retro ruffles are everything a girl needs this Spring! Sorry for the bad example for the stardoll dress, I couldn't find anything better as I didn't have alot of time, but you get the idea.
Jumpsuits are still big this season with celebs, designers and style icons wearing them everyday! Bag a nice jumpsuit and accesorize to a minimum.
90s neons
Neons are a big hit this Spring. When using neon shades use only one piece of a neon colour or it will look too clashy and people will need sunglasses to take a glance at you, ha!
Large necklaces
Some people think this craze isn't something to worry about but a large necklace can complete any simple outfit and make a 'not' outfit a 'hot' outfit!
Blazers can perfect most outfits and look great on anyone! They are easy to use and are easy to match an outfit with. Give one a try (and there are lots on stardoll to choose from!)
Mix and matching patterns
Mixing patterns may sound like a big clashy, horrible risk but fear no longer, you can look great, just take a risk, whats the worse that can happen? (apart from looking a disaster) A great combo for this summer is mixing stripes and dots but try whatever you feel!
Animal prints
Meooow! Throw a fierce animal print on and look fab. Easy to find, easy to wear but don't over accesorize!
Big scarfs
Even though it's sunny, you always look great with a scarf around your neck no matter what the weather! Last year it was long, thin scarves, this year something a little bolder! You can make the perfect big scarf on star design! Florals Spring is always known for the beautiful flowers so make sure to get yourself a beautiful floral dress for this Spring. It is even told to make you feel better, ha!


RiRi said...

Wowsss! Greaaat post :D

Im in love with neons and jumpsuits at the moment. If i had a neon jumpsuit i'd be the happiest gurlie in tha world! Loll

Sophie said...

Thats a great post :D
haha! You know I´m in love with all of those things,specially with Blazers (oh,theyre my love) and neon colours!
WOW! I have a blazer but I wish I had..oh my! A neon blazer,fuschia or hot blue! haha! I just need to find it somewhere...:S

MissDiorFashion said...

Michelle looks hot in her masculine style! My faves are retro ruffles, 90s neons and animal prints. I like to be wild, muaha!

- Lady F said...

i love springs new looks this year. the cosmetic colours are so me. i hope i see more of them.

Serena. said...

J'adore these kind of posts! 5/5

taylor said...

i like florals!!!!!

MadWorld said...

cool post :D

Anonymous said...

these kind of posts are my favourites. keep posting ones like this plzzz

♥Mehrisa (Sarah)♥ said...

I'm loving this post, but I hate animal prints and scarfs. :/ I simply don't like anyimal prints, and as for the scarfs, I think it's getting waay old, since everyone's wearing them all the time and it's becoming annoying to me. :D

coolsista said...

Fabuluous post! I love it all especially blazers and neons!

Katrina said...

Fabulous post (:
I love floral's, neon colours, animal prints, big scarves & well.. everything which you presented in this post!

Hehe ♥


Candy xoxo said...

Love it!!

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