Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stardolls 3rd birthday surprises

I guess i should introduce myself, i'm not that interesting to be honest. My names rihanna aka sheer.models on stardoll, i just got back from having a 3 month break from stardoll and i was lucky enough to be asked to write for this amazing blog until marie gets back from london. I'll just be doing a few posts in the next like 2 days so I hope i don't bore yall.. Enough about me, whatsup with you?
As yall know, stardolls 3rd bday (shouldn't they be like 6 or something? people were members way before 3 years ago) is in celebration atm so they have realeased the clothing above to celebrate.. more like un-celebrate, these clothes make me wana gag!
1. Yall know the jumpsuit is a big trend this spring/summer but this yellow 'thing' is just bleugh.. i suppose they could have done worse.
2. The grey skirt looks like something some nerd (and not the stylish nerds) would wear to extra-cericulum classes.
3. The white blouse isn't bad, i like it but dont love it. Im a fool for bows..
4. As for this ''dress'', if you would even call it that.. i guess callie ran out of materials and started making the dress with some left over curtains from around the stardoll offices.
Stardoll's second gift is this scenery competition thing. You get to design a stardoll party (yay?).. well, at least we can win something *grins.* I havent made a scenery in years so i guess i'll give it a go if prizes are involved.
(pic from
I read on gossip-stardoll that there will be games that we will be paid for playing on, cool right?
Thats all i have for now.. i know im not the best writer but i try so i hope you liked my post!


MadWorld said...

the clothes arnt very nice but i love the idea of being paid for playing games..i could make my stardoll fortune in a day muahaha.

arna-rut said...

Am excited.

Oh, thanks for crediting <3

coolsista said...

Its good to have someone to keep the blog updated when maries gone. so funny what u said about the dress and the curtains lol!

How do you play the games that you get paid for?

RiRi said...

no probz, arna ;)

and coolsista: the games arent out yet but will be soon i hopes ;)

MissDiorFashion said...

Hey Rihanna! I dont know you, but i like your style of writing. It's funny but still professional.

I dont think the clothes are that bad, I mean, Im grateful stardoll made an effort but I agree, they could be way better.

As for the scenery competition, I like the idea! The winners will probably be picked randomly but ah well, that might be me :D

And I love the idea of the money for games thing, my stardoll dream come true lol!

Roisin x

Anonymous said...

something suspicious is goin on, stardoll never gives us things free without a reason.. ==

Sophie said...

LOL anonymous I agree. :D
I hate the clothes,theyre very ugly in my opinion.
Some blogs say thet Stardoll will release Rc clothes,but I´m not sure. :)