Saturday, April 11, 2009

LE vs Antidote - The Winner

Both Antidote and Limited Edition put up a good fight in the wars between them but, there can only be one winner. With 27 votes between them.. Limited Edition is the overal greatest Limited brand.
Both collections have their highs and lows, but luckily for the Limited Edition voters.. A new Limited Edition is on it's way.. and quick! It looks like a good collection from this image and I hope it isn't realeased when I have 0 SDs, like it always does.. Ha!
That's all for now, I have another post for you all later ;D
Which brand did you vote for ?
Do you think the next LE will be a good collection ?
What do you think of the limited brands ?
Anything else to say ?
Tell us in a comment!


MissDiorFashion said...

I love antidote and limited edition! I voted for limited edition though because it's just more, me. The new limited edition looks good, but some of the objects in the picture look not too good.

MadWorld said...

I thought Antidote would have one..It got my vote :D

Brieee :) said...

My favourite brand one, yay LE! I think the new LE will be gorgeous but 100% over-over-overpriced! Haha.

RiRi said...

RiRi loves the pink jumpsuit :D
RiRi loves antidote :D
RiRi loves limited edition :D
RiRi loves you :D

Sugar-magx said...

i likeeeee limitedd edditionn bessttt causee itsss soo muchh more girliee and funnn and stylishh and highh fashion...u no?? :D:D:D

Sophie said...

I love Antidote because it's more rock-chic and denim style,which goes with my real life style. BUt I love LE too because the items look more "exclusive" and I like some of them more than Antidote,although they are really overpriced! I wanted to buy the "Balmain" dress but when I saw the price I changed my mind!
Well Marie (WHOOO!! THIS TIME I SPELT IT RIGHT) I hope you dont have 0 stardollars again! When I saw in other blogs that a new LE collection is coming,I started to sell stuff to have more strdollars,but I only have 219. If I have 250 stardollars by that time (that's the maximum price of LE) I will buy the item that best suites me (even if it's 250) haha!
WOW This comment is LOOONNGGG!!

Sophie said...

When I told "exclusive" I mean not LIMITED,I mean better quality :)

Deirds said...

I love LE. I only made stardoll a week or so but i seen the collecton in the starplaza and on blogs. i hope i can bag some of the next collection!

xilda_lady_ said...

I voted for LE , which won. I think the next LE collection will be gorgeouuussss. I think of getting the flower power dress , and the miu miu net bag , and the swimsuit and... yeah :D You get the idea. Gosh , I love everything limited xD

Sophie said...

I think I will make n inversion and buy a LE item that I'm 100% sure I will wear in this spring/summer fall. I dont want to buy an item which I will not wer. If I have some Stardollars left I willb uy the Miu Miu bag,I LOVE it.

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Anonymous said...

I think I voted Antidote.

I've found where some of the clothes come from:
T-shirt: See by ChloƩ
Red bag: Miu Miu
Jumpsuit: Adam
Shoes: I think it's Asos (I'm not sure)


Pop Champagne said...

I vote LE!!

Serena. said...

I prefer Antidote.. stylish and affordable :)

Halmonkey3 said...

Yay! LE won hehe. I am so excited for the new LE. Not all of the pieces look great, but I'm sure the collection will be amazing :)