Friday, April 3, 2009

Im Going Gaga!

The Lady Gaga inspired clothes which we have been begging for have been realeased! I was surprised, I thought we would be getting alot more than 2 clothing pieces and some accesories but hey, any Gagalicious clothing is good enough for me! I LOVE the hair bows, so adorable and the dress and body suit are awesome too. Love it all.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Noo, Its just some mini-gagas! PS. I've added some random Gaga song quotes at the end of each comment, Lol.
Alex looks hot, hot, hot in this Gaga inspired outfit! I love it, especially the glasses made by Alex, himself! Filter that, Baby bump that track (8). N1mka4eva
O-M-G! Charlie has made a stardoll version of Gaga's famous bubble dress, if I wasn't such a nice person I would have stolen this idea and claimed it as my own, haha! Great idea, and Charlie, you look ah-mazing and mega cute! If it isn't rough it isn't fun (8)
Point proved, Alice looks hot in leather! If she wasn't a virtual doll, I probably would have thought she was Lady Gaga herself! You look beautiful, Great job! Lets have some fun, this beat is sick (8).
What a very, very, very, very, tres, tres, tres talented lady! How could I not feature this amazing Lady Gaga outfit? And did I mention she made this on stardesign? Yeah, she's pretty amazing! I am dying for one of these Gaga dresses and Im sure everyone else is too! Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (8).
And finally, My own little Gaga look ;) Just dancee (8)
Sorry, I didn't have time to squeeze all the stardoll Gagas in, it is a Friday, afterall. If you want me to check out your Gaga look, tell me on my stardoll account or in a comment on this post and I'll see if i can add you to the list (:
Do you like the new Gaga clothing and accesories ? Do you like Lady Gaga or not ? Which was your favourite outfit from the list ? Anything else to say ? Tell us in a comment!


Brieee :) said...

They're all stunning! I love singingmermaid's designs, of course, beautiful! I also love vnvi's unique glasses and n1mka4eva's unique bubble dress (which i wish stardoll realeased!!) hunnigall looks hawt! and of course, you look fab :D i love them all!

and i like the laga gaga clothes realeased but i expected more and they're nothing great but some people really made it work, like the ones on this list :D

Paris.Freche said...

check out my outfit please. i think it is good enough to be on the list! ps. everyone looks beautiful on the list and i love the hair bows!

Hoover Girl said...

Tee hee, look at moi dressed as a Pokerface girlie ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the Lady Gaga clothes could be alot better if stardoll gave an effort

MissDiorFashion said...

Omg! I didnt know the clothes were realeased.. damn! Im going to buy them now and when I have an outfit, Ill mail you and you can maybe add it to the list if you like it.

Vnvi, N1mka4eva, Singingmermaid, Alice, Marie, you all look amazingly like gaga with your own unique touchess ;D

N1mka4eva said...

List o'Stunners! Thanksyou Marieee! Lovesit!
C. oxoxoxo

i love lady gaga said...

i bought all the lady gaga clothes and i want to buy singingmermaid's designs too.. shes an amazing designer.. best on stardoll!! :D

TatCinderella said...

Oh my gosh!
J'adore them (;

coolsista said...

all look fierce!

♥ Уαšмıиē ♥ said...

Oh so stunning!

YaelAlon said...

Featurreeeeee meeeeee!!!
Haha, i'm not exactly Gaga, but i'm wearing her hairbow and a slutty bathing suit ;D

arna-rut said...

Alexness is HOT :D

Caridie said...

You should have tagged me instead of Hunnigal in that outfit. I was wearing the /exact/ thing, the day the bodysuit came out. Didn't really know that I was that easily disregarded. Oh well. At least *someone* got recognition! They do all look great.

Lila - xxhappiixx said...

Alex looks THE best.

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