Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bye Guys

Hello! Long time no post! Do you still remenber me ? I hope so. I also hope you liked my posts. After the blogger of the week thing that I creact I thought. "Only one entry, I needed 10" Imagine how that makes me feel?! BAD I thought what is wrong with me ? Well I don't think it's me may be it is. I don't know anymore. Also sorry Heidi not to tell you this in person. Or sorry for not tell you this in Doll. I didn't really want you to know about this by this post but I have to. I will be leaving the blog. It's no longer something I think it's good for me. Heide is a Good writer so is Vasia but this blog needed more posts. I would like to see it like it was before. In the old days. I thought I was going to work for that blog. But i don't know anymore. I'm quitting a lot of things latelly. But i want to grow that's the only thing I want. I can't grow more here. So Bye..

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Comeback for Fashion Magazines! Runway Magazine Spoiler!

Follow the Official Website

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The University comes to Stardoll!

Hey readers! Now...Guess what? You got to study in stardoll also!! It might sound frightening, as we barely just finished school and don't really want to think about it until the end of August!! But waiiiitt!! it's a Stardoll University! Mary (writemarycat) exposed her new project on the blog of the Fashion Group it's called " Fashion Arts University" . FAU's aim is to develop the fashion industry. It will give courses in graphic design, blogging, magazine editing, fashion design....and so many others. The courses are available in two ways: private(payed by one Superstar code for each course) and public. At the end of the studies, the students get a diploma and maybe a great stardoll career!! The project is detailed on FAU's website . It sounds fabulous, are you ready for the stardoll studies? What do you think about this Fashion Arts University? Is it a great idea or just another stardoll project? And what are your expectations? Tell us in a comment ;) xx Heidi

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blogger Of the Week Casting

I told you all! Something new was about to come. Blogger Of the Week is our new segment. Every week someone will be a guest blogger for a week. What do you say ? Amazing idea. You can now write for the Stardoll Trendsetters. We want at least 10 people singing in! At the end the best blogger of the week will become a writer for us. Sing on this post,please!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get the looks: for parties!!

Hey Lovely trendsetters!

The summer is starting and what's the most interesting thing in it especially in Stardoll? Parties!!!
So for the first "get the looks" since the reopenning, I decided to create looks that goes for special events but essentially parties, red carpets, and awards ceremonies to shine all the night! This time there also an additional outfit to inspire and give some ideas to the people who have a lack of ideas when making an ensemble for an uninspiring dress code, we all have been there ;]
I have to admit, that I cheated a little bit by using an item repetitively in the same outfit as the items in Starplaza are limited :p I'm sure you can do a better job with your wardrobe :]
So here's 4 looks that I wish you'll be enjoying :)
More Than Black&White
Indeed Black and white are timeless and eternal, two colors that have always been the symbols of elegance, but as the outfit contains only these two colors, in order to warm it up, I decided to use mint as a color for the eyeshadow and pencil.
The steps:
-Spread the Dot mint eyepencil around the eye except the low part, and in that part use the white.
-Display the paloma eyeliner in the corners.
-Spread many layers of the mint eyeshadow in the eyebrow borders and Luxe Midnight black eye dust.
-At the end add a touch of Mascara and black brow definer and transparent Luxe lipgloss
- Finish the look with a trendy head bow
Red is Glamour
What is the hottest color? Definitely RED!!!!
Red's best friend is certainly Black, those two colors are so complementary, and goes perfectly with each other. The eye make up and the outfit are matched as I tried to use the exact shades that contains the outfit.
The Steps:
-Spread the Dot black pencil on the eye except the inside part. In that part use white.
-For the eyeshadow, use white in the inside corner of the eyelid.And the Summer Red eye dust in the rest of the eye in a wide smoky eyes style.
-Finish the look with black Mascara and a lipgloss
Funky Barbie Doll
This look is inspired by no one else than the uber populer miss Barbie. I remember my self watching her in the stores shelves, with her beautiful gowns and perfect hair xD
The dress is sober colors indeed but all the Barbie fantasy is in the eyes .
The Steps:
-Divide the eyelid on 3, upper, low inside and low upside.
-Upper=> citrus green Luxe eye dust
-Low inside=> Ocean wave eye Dust
-Low upside=> Party pink eye dust -Eye pencil: the up in the mint eye pencil and down in pink and white.
- For the lips use the Dot pink lipstick and over it the Luxe lipgloss.
Coquettish Gold
Gold is indeed a too much for me in my real life, but Stardoll is just the right place for the glamz and the dramz. The dress is a mermaid dress with a golden tail made of flounces. As the dress is contains flashy colors, I decided to create a cooler make up with two boundary colors bronze and silver with neutral lips.
The steps
-Under the eyebrow, display many layer of the Luxe spring rain(grey) eye dust and under it, spread the bumt orange eye dust around the eye
-Use the Dot black eye pencil on the outside of the eye to the limits, and the white one the inside
- Add a touch of mascara
for the hair, highlight it a little bit for a stunning look.
Those were my looks for the formal summer parties.
The casual ones will be coming soon! Leave us comments for suggestions and opinions for this sections or on the blog in general!! Or just tell us which look is your favourite ;D
Love you!!
p.s. Sorry for the last lack of posts, I've been really busy with the school's fashion show and my cousin's wedding.

Stardoll's groups and The Icon Company first party!!!!!

Hey darlings

Companies and groups are Stardoll's new hit!
The first one was Dioguardi Group, Created by Manolo ( Manolo.Dicicco) who was first aimed to promote his fashion house, but then expanded to other projects like blogs, magazines.... and who had a great success.
Then came miss Mary Semenchencko, the one and only Eternity's Founder and created her own group called "Fashion Group" who sponsored her own magazine ( now under the direction of Charlotte) along with many uber populer blogs and projects.
The newest baby to come to Stardoll's groups is "The Icon Company" by Vasia and Maria. As it said on their website, they're aiming to make your dream projects true, which explanes the whole concept. Well The Icon Company are helding their first ever party tomorrow at the FF.nightclub, and it's indeed very interesting! Take a look at the invite ;)



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Makeover & DIOGUARDI

Big Makeover 2010! What do you think ? Good things are about to come with the makeover ? Let's wait and see. I hope this will only bring better things to stardoll. Go to the official blog of Dioguardi. There you will see that they have open some jobs for you! If you are going to apply GOOD LUCK! I allready apply. GOOD LUCK for me too :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Awards Show! The new Awards Show hitting stardoll! It's run my be Bruno (kxcatarinaxk). Give me your opinion,please! I will soon put some more information here.For now not much was revealed! Yeah I came back from holidays! From 2 holidays. I came and went. I have been thinking in something speciall for the blog. I also need you all to start commenting a litlle bit more. That way we can start a new project. May be..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Projects for Trendsetters :D

Hello! There are some new projects on stardoll an I wanted inform you,the 1st one is ''The Stardoll Lookbook'' which is definitely for the most stylist stardoll users :D you can visit the site by clicking here and you can also join the club for the latest updates by clicking here


There is also a new company owned by myself (vasia28) and Mimi_Mami,it is called ''ICON'',Contact us,if you want our company to sponsor your project,we can help you with promoting,making logos,advertising hosting events etc,you can see visit the blog by clicking here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to get a Good hair

Heyo Trendsetters. I haven’t post in a long time. Yeah sorry, I know but tomorrow I will be living for vacations. I’ll be in Spain for a week so I won’t be writing here for a week. Don’t worry because I have this one more post for you. I’m going to talk about: -Hair. I PROMISE you will like this post. It’s about how you can get a chic hair. First choose the hair. This one is my personally favorite. It’s bold. I recommend you to use it. Paint it in a red color. Then give it some eye lights. Not much it just needs to stand out a little bit. Don’t exaggerate. The color I use is in the red circle. Now put your make-up on. That’s mine and that what I use on red. That’s what you get at the end.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recherche Party

Hey everyone! My school is OVER: Yeah you heard it. My holidays started today. I really need a banner, I'm trying to get one thought. I have some cool ideas for posts. You'll probably see them soon. Now to the party. Summer is comming so is RECHERCHE's new issue.I hope to see everyone in the party. Yes, I am going. I'm part of the Team. I'll post my review of the issue here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dioguardi's clothes and shoes Review

I did the review of the acessories now it’s time for the shoes and clothes. I’ll start with shoes. I actually love them but something strange happened. As you can the there is only 4 toes! Strange right ? What happened ? That’s the only thing. I got distracted with that. Besides the toes problem the shoes are totally Fine. Now let’s talk about the clothes. I don’t think this was Dioguardi’s best collection. It’s not bad either. The collection has VERY GOOD clothes. But there are some bad moments too. The first model to appear on the runway is the worst for me. I also have a problem with how some sunglasses look on the models with the clothes. It was a GOOD collection. I’ll left a picture of my favorite shoe out of the 2 and my 3 favorite outfits.

Dioguardi's Accessories Review

Before I start I have to ask you READERS one thing.I need a banner. If you want to make me a banner just go to my suite (kxcatarinaxk). When you are finish tynipic it and leave the link in comments. I'll choose the winner. I am going to start with the sunglasses. They are all AMAZING. There is just a thing I don’t like. I just think that the models didn’t look good with them on the runway. Besides that I have nothing else to say. Moving on to the belts. Well they were GOOD. I don’t have much to say about them. My favorite is the blue one. I’ll post pictures of my favorites accessories. Now to my favorite accessory of this collection. I am talking about the necklaces. They were STUNNING. I have nothing BAD to say about them. All necklaces were innovated and gave me a summery feeling. It’s time for the Bags. My favorite is the beige clutch. I love the details and the double D looks AMAZING. The other bags were good too. Next let’s talk about the earrings. They are VERY GOOD. They looked expensive and chic. The details with the crystals are genius.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunglasses all over Stardoll!

Hey love, how's your weekend going? I guess perfect ;)
Did you see .... the sunglasses Tsunami?
It's all over the starplaza!! all the colors, all the shapes and all the styles! don't tell that you can't find your own! Then why don't you create it!!! 8O You have: sunglasses, Splendid's accessories, hands, brain, and juicy ideas! What are you waiting for? Start the work!!!
If you need some examples to understand more the concept, here they are:

Baby Girl, Huge pink sunglasses, bows and stars and here you are 4 years old again xD

Wild Tattoo, zebra way farer sunglasses, black head band, and rose tattoo! wild and rebel! what a combination! Roses and Diamonds: black sunglasses, roses earrings and diamond earring with red head bands, who doesn't love diamonds and roses? ( not me :p )

Futuristic Glamour, black sunglasses, sparckling geadbands, and skulls. Ready for the future?

So so so, that was my updated sunglasses, I hope that it'll help u in making yours! if you do send us the links in comments! the person with the most creative sunglasses will win a gift! it will be announced here at the beginning of the next week!

The Inspiration of the day comeptition is still running! Prize: 50sd ;)

Oh btw, I hope that you enjoyed bruno's posts, he's a great addition for ST!!

I almost forgot, congrats to all the people who ended their exams today!!what a relief!



Put your stilettos on

Yesterday, on my first post ever I talked about Stiletto Magazine Party. Today I am back from more. The party was really good and Chloe even gave prizes to the most active person. Now what I really have to talk is the magazine! I’ll left the like here: Go there if you want to see the whole magazine. I really LIKE this 3 issue everything is so SWEET! I want to eat all the pages. Also good choice of CG.The graphics are all amazing but Fatima (Fatimuchi) impressed me the most. Well I can’t wait for the next issue because the magazine has improved so much.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bruno here peple!

Hey there trendsetters! I’m the newest writer. My name is Bruno aka kxcatarinaxk I believe you all will enjoy my posts. We at the end you can judge my work. Good and bad comments are appreciated. Now let’s talk about fashion. I have spotted our stardoll celebs looking HOT! All this made me think of a segment I will do! Best Dressed Dolls here I will show you who were looking hot! Also I will do SPECIAL BEST DRESSED DOLLS whenever is there a party or an event around stardoll. I am starting today with : N1mka4eva She is looking amazing in her French inspired look for the Stiletto Magazine Released Party! After all she was one of the model of the new issue. vasia28 Also our own vasia is looking hot from head to toe. I specially love her pinkish hair and how it goes with the white outfit. This is outfit was created for her to attend the Stiletto Party!

DIOGUARDI Cruise collection!

Manolo and his group are soo to releasing their cruise collection, just by seeing the invite, it seems that it's going to be wonderfull! Don't miss it out! it's tomorrow! get your best summer outfit!!! xx Heidi

Monday, June 7, 2010

Limited Edition Is Out!

The newest collection of the legendery brand of Stardoll,Limited Edition is out!The prices are not as high as they were and there are clothes for everyone,I mean whichever your style is,you will find a piece of clothing that you will totally adore! Stardollians kept buying LE piece like maniacs ,before there's nothing left! Also,in this collection stardoll emphasized in the casual wear,while in the previous collections the clothes were mostly formal!Nevertheless,something fresh,modern and summerish came on stardoll!Don't forget that the collection is limited! Hurry up!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Her beauty style!

Hey there! lovely readers!
This a new section in this blog, it's about the beautiful ladies of Stardoll, their looks and make up style.
We will begin with the one and only, Mary (writemarycat), she doesn't need any presentation, as you all know her, love her or hate her, but we all must admit one thing, that apart from her graphic and photography skills, she's an as in making her medoll's look unique and elegant, everytime, I visited her, her look was absolutely perfecto!
So I decided to do case study (lol) and here are some of the looks that are just speechless!
This is the last look, that have been seen on her, she used the smoky eyes technique, with a condensed black eye shadow around the eye, and a light pink that we can call nude. Accentuating the cheeks is an essential thing for Mary, she uses a brown blush on the back of the cheeks to give them a nice form and volume. The lips technique is just so clever, she painted her lips with a blush pink lipstick and the inside with the black one.
Here also the eyes are surrounded of black, but combined with a brownish color on the orner, the lips, same technique, but using lighter color as brown, or dirty pink.
Sublime and stunning, all the work is on the yes and the cheeks, the lips are left nude. Again black around the eye, but contrasted with white in the corner.

Always, beautiful, with blue gray around the eye!

That was it! I hope you like it!



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Short and Sweet!

Lets keep this short and sweet, shall we? I'm Siara Lott and I'm one of the new writers. I need to get a banner and i'll be posting very soon :) You can visit my stardoll suite by clicking here or visiting SiaraLott Ttyl, siaralott.x

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am sure you have noticed that many fashion designers have used bow headbands this for their spring collection!Bow Heabands is definitely a hot trend for this summer.Bows 1st started being used by young girls,since it symbolizes the sweetness and the innocence that young girls naturally have.It seems that this theory influenced many famous fashion designers like Marc Jakobs,Luella Bartley,Diane von Frustenberg etc!A bow headband can be combined with a cute dress,a short skirt,a pair of large shorts etc,but it would look better if you use colourations of light colours,like pink,yellow,violet etc