Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dioguardi's Accessories Review

Before I start I have to ask you READERS one thing.I need a banner. If you want to make me a banner just go to my suite (kxcatarinaxk). When you are finish tynipic it and leave the link in comments. I'll choose the winner. I am going to start with the sunglasses. They are all AMAZING. There is just a thing I don’t like. I just think that the models didn’t look good with them on the runway. Besides that I have nothing else to say. Moving on to the belts. Well they were GOOD. I don’t have much to say about them. My favorite is the blue one. I’ll post pictures of my favorites accessories. Now to my favorite accessory of this collection. I am talking about the necklaces. They were STUNNING. I have nothing BAD to say about them. All necklaces were innovated and gave me a summery feeling. It’s time for the Bags. My favorite is the beige clutch. I love the details and the double D looks AMAZING. The other bags were good too. Next let’s talk about the earrings. They are VERY GOOD. They looked expensive and chic. The details with the crystals are genius.


Bruno/kxcatarinaxk said...

Some text dessapeared. I'LL have to post the cuffs review here in comments. Sorry i don't know what happend. Here it is :
Last but not least the Cuffs. They were fine I like the blue pattern that was used on the cuffs. It reminds me of the ocean.