Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Splash! Hot summer Blow out!! Stardoll is finally ready for the beach!

During the last sales Stardoll got rid og some real brands, we were all wondering which ones will replace them. Today, they introduced the first real brand Splash Swim Wear, with a huge selection of swim suites and beach wear! But as always, only for the superstars, but yet the collection is so gorgeous, with a girly chic style combined with a touch of glamour! I loved them all especially the glam ones, coz it's exactly what every girl wants to be unique on the beach, for all the purposes: lay on the sand for a tan or a beach party. If you want to know more about Splash visit this website: http://www.splashswimwear.co.nz/
Here's the pictures, but you better go see it by yourself in the starplaza!
Are you connected to you stardoll account?do you see the gift-o-meter? I guess that you do!
When I saw that, I was so curious, normally I just pass over it, but this time I clicked, and here's the Stardoll hot summer blow out! It says a bla bla first and then says that everytime we reach 10sd .....200sd and so on we will get gifts! and if you unlock all the gits in 4 weeks in a row you unlock the treasure chest but they dont say how! Is it by play and earn? by buying stardollars? and is there another way?
Do you any idea? tell us in a comment!
Don't forget the competitions, 50sd for the winners!!