Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dioguardi's clothes and shoes Review

I did the review of the acessories now it’s time for the shoes and clothes. I’ll start with shoes. I actually love them but something strange happened. As you can the there is only 4 toes! Strange right ? What happened ? That’s the only thing. I got distracted with that. Besides the toes problem the shoes are totally Fine. Now let’s talk about the clothes. I don’t think this was Dioguardi’s best collection. It’s not bad either. The collection has VERY GOOD clothes. But there are some bad moments too. The first model to appear on the runway is the worst for me. I also have a problem with how some sunglasses look on the models with the clothes. It was a GOOD collection. I’ll left a picture of my favorite shoe out of the 2 and my 3 favorite outfits.


ChicLin said...

Yeah the four toes were distracting me too!
But I loved the collection! He did a good job.

Dei said...

Ewww, I never noticed the toe thing until now, I am scared.