Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Black Crush!

Before, openning the blog, everytime I am on stardoll, I never forget visiting suites,like you(..I guess), and while visiting some people I was really astonished! And during the last months, I had a new... hobbie! collecting pictures on stardollian who are wearing black ( as it is my fav color with purple) , not anyone! only the ones wearing it with style!
So here's my collection, the styles are very different from sweet candy girl, masqued magician to geometrical dimmensions passing by futuristic ambitions!
If you have a crush on black( you too!! :o), this is for you!
Shake-somthing Daria139 Vasia28 MadWorld Clearleanne .pease. This was the ones I loved! tell us in a comment which one you had a crush on ;D If you have a (wonderful) black outfit, post it on the comments( from tinypic.com or simimar pictures hoster) and maybe i'll add it to the list! xx Heidi p.s. should I have a post banner, coz I think there's no need to bother you with a picture of my medoll on every post. If I'm wrong, just tell me your opinion! and you can tell us also the songs you want in the new playlist!