Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting up again very soon!+ news!

Well, as the previous post stating, Stardoll Trendsetters, needs two additional writers to be back again. I left to everyone who wants to apply enough time ( I guess) and finally chose two talented girls, who blowed me up with their articles! *Drum rolls* The two new writers for Stardoll Trendsetters are: ..... Vasia28 , a bright girl, with a fluent and coherent, writing, who plays with words! SiaraLott, a polyvalent writer, who know what she does, and do it right! Now that you know who are the new writers, I can give a glimpse on what the blog will be like when we will start. The usual categories, plus new ones, and of course a lot of competitions with great prizes, raffles for the followers and the club members....ect... Btw, as ST's old club was deleted by Marie when she closed the blog, I created a new one, SD_TrendSetters so please join! I also made a new banner for ST that I hope you'll like! xx Heidi

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reopenning? Job?

Haaah! It feels so good to be here again! I guess all of you had a blog atleast one in your entire life, it might be still running or closed like this one. Lately i had more free time and a light schedule, and my obsession was to reopen Stardoll Trendsetters, but as my adorable friend and co-blogger Marie left definitively Stardoll, I feel that I couldn't do it alone! And that's why, i'm looking for two talented persons who are really interested in writing here, and who will commit to this blog. So if you are interested, send your entry( an article about the subject you desire, and you stardoll username) to : The two winning entries will get interior gifts worth 20sd for each The best entries will be posted on the blog! *you should know how to use printscreen xx Heidi