Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting up again very soon!+ news!

Well, as the previous post stating, Stardoll Trendsetters, needs two additional writers to be back again. I left to everyone who wants to apply enough time ( I guess) and finally chose two talented girls, who blowed me up with their articles! *Drum rolls* The two new writers for Stardoll Trendsetters are: ..... Vasia28 , a bright girl, with a fluent and coherent, writing, who plays with words! SiaraLott, a polyvalent writer, who know what she does, and do it right! Now that you know who are the new writers, I can give a glimpse on what the blog will be like when we will start. The usual categories, plus new ones, and of course a lot of competitions with great prizes, raffles for the followers and the club members....ect... Btw, as ST's old club was deleted by Marie when she closed the blog, I created a new one, SD_TrendSetters so please join! I also made a new banner for ST that I hope you'll like! xx Heidi