Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Be Fabulous For Free!

Happy New Year!
And as a special present, stardoll is awarding us all with a free DKNY dress, which I must say is gorgeous!
And as an even more special present, stardoll is giving it free to superstars AND non-superstars.
Thank you, stardoll!
To get your free DKNY dress simply go to the starplaza and buy buy buy.
You can only buy it today and tomorrow so, go, go, go!

I hope you all have a great New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Awards Galore!

Hey! So, today I was searching through blogs when I realized that alot of award shows are beginning to arise onto stardoll. I think this is great, it gives more people a chance to win an award.
The first award show, was of course, the legendary Star Awards owned by the lovely Linda (Star_Awards) but after many months, Linda decided to close down the awards show and open a blog.
After this many award shows tried to imitate the Star Awards and they all tried their best to be sucessful, but the only other award show that actually became sucessful was another Star Awards owned by jeremyn2005.
After another few months people began to realize that the same people were being nominated again and again so another award show began (only a few days ago) called Achievement. This is owned by several talent ladies, Gosia/Naive-Magazine, hunnigall, to_royal, fayasi, hrvatica_97, Sophie (Who is the girl behind the acheivement account), rock-princess30, and welsh_witch.
This award show is for non-elite winners only which is great for some, but who is to decide who is elite and who isn't ? As some people think some people are elites when they are not and the other way about. And I thought the whole elite thing was over, I guess it never will, but we can all pretend it is.. Lol! Anyway, I think this award show will be sucessful and I am sure it will be great!
After I found out about this, I found out about the Eternity awards. In every issue Eternity will have an award for a certain thing. This month it is for the best club. This award is not a show, but the winner will be featured in the magazine which is as good, if not better! I think this award is exciting and very promising.
Also, other award shows such as blog awards have became very popular. I found 5 in the past few minutes. Some of them look promising while others look like they are bound to fail. I'm not going to give any names.
After all this, I thought to myself.. Wow, why don't we have an SD-Trendsetters award show ? Well, I am still unsure about this but I will first see what you (the readers) think, then what Heidi thinks and then what my close friends think. I think it would be fun. And we could even feature the winners in The Big Book Of Fashion which will be realeased probably in late Febuary as proper work will not begin until Heidi returns.
Bye for now,
Marie xxxx
*** Update - now have an award show also. It has a great name, The Perezies! And the categories are easily some of the best. This oviously is the award stage of stardoll history!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


The moment you have all been waiting for...
The winners of the writing competition.
The chance to write for SD-Trendsetters..
The WINNERS Are as followed..
The Lovely Kendra, MissDiorCherie..
The Lovely Dora, hrvatica_97.
The Lovely Sarah, Mehrisa.
And finally, The Lovely Michelle, yaelalon.
Each and everyone of these girls sent us wonderful articles and we loved them! Congratz.
Thank you to everyone who entered this competition, we wish you all could have won.
Heidi and I will hold one of these competitions every so often... perhaps annually.
Also, due to our new writers and Heidi coming back to the blog at New Years.. We will be beginning work on The Big Book Of Fashion (Yay!)
Also, perhaps a party to celebrate the return of Heidi and our new writers soon! Leave suggestions as a comment :)
See you all later.
And new writers, contact me in mail.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Difference One Feature Can Make.

Hey everyone. I got kinda bored this morning and started having some fun with my medoll. I found it funny how one feature on your medoll can change it dramatically!
I began with the eyebrows and I have chosen the most dramatic to show you. As you can see below, there is a before and after. With one click of a button, you can change from normal to quite angry, haha!
The second which I tried was the mouth. I found the mouth below the most interesting as you can have 3 completely different looks with it, just by moving it up or down.
Another feature, is the nose. I didn't find anything very interesting about the nose but it does make a big difference to your medoll, believe me! Just see below.
Eyes are a big impact on your medoll. From tiny to massive, stardoll has them all.. and not all of them look too good.
That's all I have time for now.
Why not try some feature changing yourself, you never know.. you could find a perfect look and if not, maybe, just a look that will make you laugh!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rares Re-realeased.

Yes, You better believe it.
The very rare posh dress (see below) has been re-realeased.
I find this very annoying. Stardoll is turning all rare items into nothing! Then again, it lets some new members get some rare items. But once they are re-realeased, the items are suddenly not rare anymore. What do you think of this ?
Before I go, I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Fun, Peaceful New Year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Time!

Time for parties, celebrations (8)
Hey everyone. Christmas is so soon and Eternity&team are bringing you.. A Christmas ball to celebrate and have some fun before the real celebrations!
Hope to see you there, the party is on right now!
I will be posting a best dressed list so dress to impress.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Get Designing!

As you can see (in the post below) there is a new RB. Along with the new RB there is a competition. In this competition you must use stardesign. Click here to find out more.
Anyway, onto the good stuff. The competition is for superstars and non-superstars which means superstars and non-superstars can use stardesign. That is the first good thing. The second, there is new clothes to design. Third, it only costs one stardollar!
Only 1$ (Above) and the new designs which also all cost 1$ (Below).

A competition has just turned into a cheap way to use stardesign!

Get designing.
I have already created a little outfit i like to call.. Chanel goes Funky, Lol.

It's pretty good for a beginner, right ? =S

Also, I may be doing a Elizabeth & James best dressed later on today :)
And the winners of the competition will be announced today also!

Elizabeth and James - RB!

Hey everyone! Is it me, or does stardoll have a new store everytime I log on ?
Well, today another new store arrived in the starplaza and guess what ? It's a Real Brand (Yay!) This time the Real Brand is Elizabeth and James which is a ''Limited store.'' Sorry to go off the subject but stardoll has gone mad with this whole Limited thing and it's starting to annoy me! First it was the Limited Edition clothing (which weren't even limited), then they advertise the Limited Faith Hill Dress and now a Limited store.. Arghh! I think they know that when we all hear the word Limited, we buy buy buy!
Anyway, Lets take a look at some of the Elizabeth and James clothing :)
Just incase you cannot find the shop (Like me, Haha) then click on the mka brand. They share ?
What do you think of the new Real Brand ?
Personally, I like it :)
It has some very beautiful items which I want!
Keep an eye on the blog today, the winners of the competition will be announced aswel as some fun posts.

Rock December: Soft&Girly!

Hey there my sweet darlings, I missed you so much.. did you miss me?

Well, this is a little hi and a tiny post to'll see!
December, is almost everyone's favourite month because of christmas, new year's eve and other celebrations also because of gifts, shopping and family time! So, i decided to help you with some ideas and looks for all those events!
With all the new stores on Starplaza, you can certainly mix and match to obtain a fancy, chic, stylish and lovely outfit to celebrate cheerfully! So, i created those ensembles! Take a look and i hope it will inspire you to make your own!
*Soft, Chic and Lovely:
I created a look and an outfit that incarnate the chic and sweet girly girl, with a very soft make up.
The Look:
To realize that look follow the steps:
- First, apply mascara on the lashes and on the inside corner, apply the white eye pencil and then the light pink eye pencil on the rest of the eye.
-Then, use the jumbo eye pencil purple over it on one layer of the light pink eyeshadow in the extern area of the eyelid.
-Spread the KVD Steel eyeshadow on the empty zone and to finalize the look add a touch of light pink on your lips!
The Outfit:

I tried to make it look fancy, chic but girly, using many shades of pink and white, with very feminine shapes and added some cute touches as the cap that i used as a fur bolero, also the tights are so sweet and the shoes really complete this ensemble! I hope it will inspire you and that you like both the look and outfit!

I wish i could do more outfits and looks but unfortunately i have to leave the internet café! But if you like this post, more will be coming soon!

Finally, i would like to thank Marie for making such a good job on the blog, i was so surprized when i saw the new layout! It's fabulous! Don't you think?

Oh also, I wish to my sweet friend Mary(writemarycat) to get well soon!



Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eternity Undercover - Exclusive!

Hello my beauties. This is our first interview for Eternity Undercover. This interview took place 1-2 weeks ago before we heard Mary's bad news, but we couldn't let a good interview go to waste, could we? Also, we will be continuing with Eternity Undercover as planned :) The interview question are by both Myself and Lorie.
SD-Trendsetters: Hey Mary! So much has happened, centering you on stardoll in the past few weeks. Lets start by asking you some questions on one of the dramas... Fakeshake3. Tell us more about this!
Mary: Fakeshake...well, I hadn't expected you to ask this, and thought, I would like this conflict to lay down, I shall didn't start from her comment on Eternity magazine. Like, why should I care, who is she for me to care on her opinion? All the drama started a longer time ago, like in August and splashed out few weeks ago. She is acting very manipulative to me and my friends, she made my friend sell rares to her, she tried to make me a graphics editor for her blog - and thought that I'll say "Yes! What a honour!", but I said no. You know, it's very funny when you deny her requests. She says: "WHAT?!", like she is the one who gets everything. And she thinks she is such an angel, and all her friends are simply stupid to leave her, I mean, the Drama with teen Style magazine, hilarous how she tried to use Selena to get someone on the cover, who gave her a lottery dress, how she is trying to use everything for rare clothes and attention... and I am guilty, because I "Turned her friends against" her. Whatever now, she is trying to ruin me, but she won't succeed. Too many pathetic tries. I won't give any attention to that anymore.
SD-Trendsetters: Interesting! Let us move onto what you are most famous for.. Eternity! As the owner of an extremely popular magazine, What are your feelings towards Style Magazine ? Are you competing divas or supporting sisters ?
Mary: Well, Style... she is a smart person. She thinks twice before making something, you know. You can study a lot from her, but you can't copy her. People think we are competitiors - because 2 Stardoll's most popular owners can't be friends, but it isn't true. We talk often, I can ask her for advice sometimes... But I can't say sisters as well. She won't let you go too close to her, but if you are talking to her, you will feel she isn't ignoring you. You know, being strong is difficult. People say bad things - it hurts, but you don't show it. As she does, and I do. That is where we are similar.
SD-Trendsetters: That's sweet! What are your plans for the next issue of Eternity ?
Mary: Oh, it is something you haven't seen before. You are expecting Christmas stuff - you'll get it. You'll get a miracle, but in another magican way. The Covergirl is just what we needed - a secret in a charm. I added a new Section - Entertainment - and it will make you love Eternity even more. The theme of whole magazine is Winterish Fantasy, something like that...a Wonderland ;) Can't say more.
During this reply Mary kindly sent us some spoilers to stir even more excitement in our stomach for the next issue! (Will be posted in the final Eternity Undercover post.)
SD-Trendsetters: Wow! It sounds like it is going to be another outstanding issue. Talk to us a little bit about your staff and team members in the past, because there has been recent speculation that things have not been running smoothly.
Mary: We had a lot of stress with our comeback. And when you try everything to be excellent, a bug appears in the most seeing place, you know. So, we had some problems firstly with Kasia. When I saw her comment on a blog "Style magazine Forever", I was upset. I wrote "Kasia, you are fired! :D" as a joke first, in 2 seconds she wrote me a message, and I was thinking how to respond. I asked the Team and explained the situation...and I just got that worker is a Face of a Team. I have nothing against Style magazine, but when other people see the preferings of a Team, they will think: "Oh, they just go to Eternity and wait till Style will notice them and they will be hired there" One girl told me that, actually. We made a decision - to let her go, and fired her. Soon, I've realized that was my mistake, but I can't put things back. Next was Fay, well, actually, I kind of expected. She was so sweet talking about how she won't never show anything to anyone and so on, so...I am glad we let her go because she betrayded. She did it once, she will do it again. Anyways, I am the one who takes responcibility for the magazine, the reputation, team work, everything. Some of my workers can do something wrong, and it will be me, who did it to media, people at all. It is rather hard, but - everything had 2 sides, right?
SD-Trendsetters: Right! So, is there good work happening behind the scenes of Eternity now ?
Mary: Sure! Loosing some workers doesnt mean that we'll give up on that and say: "OK, guys, shut down this thing!" Me and Team are working so good lately, like a clock. Conferentions, ideas, the whole proccess of making is so amazing, still! That is where the fun comes to everyone, we are laughing, joking, gossiping, and in that time Eternity is like our "Baby", as my co-Teamer Lorie said, haha! :D I think we make it better, when we love doing this, when we put effort and feelings into the magazine. It becames a sunshine!
SD-Trendsetters: It sounds like you really enjoy your job! How is Eternity different than anything made by Stardoll users? There must have been a goal when you created it, right?
Mary: Eternity is...more than a fashion magazine. I got the idea of these words, when I created a new style of brand for the new Eternity magazine - what you see now. By reading mine And Gina's Editors letters in a comeback issue, you will discover that me and the Team strive for something more, than Fashion Reports. Cause readers will read it - and forget when the new season will come, new trends. I want to give young people, like me, you or other girls, that - you must be who you are. No matter what people can say. Every issue is about you. How to make yourself feel better, we are hoping to help you as in Real life, as on Stardoll. Some articles, as "Body or Life" are trying to make you love yourself, some tips you will need for your account are there as well! We hope readers will find something for themselves, each girl or boy, who read Eternity. We are unique, for you.
SD-Trendsetters: Great! Now, Lets talk about you in real life. What is your favorite fragrance?
Mary: Fragrance? I have some on my mind which I have loved for years now. First, it is Chanel "Chance". I loved the old one, and I love the new one even more. One of my total favorites. Second one is Blue "Incanto" by Ferragamo. It is just..soo good on me haha! And the last but not least is Red "Be Delicious" By DKNY. It is so fresh for everyday life!
SD-Trendsetters: Those sound delicious, just like the graphics you make in the magazine! How did you get so good at making them?
Mary: It is named Experience and work. You may believe or not - but I was so bad at that stuff like a half of a year ago! We all were newcomers at everything! Now, the more graphics I make, the more experience I have, I notice it when I do something and see: "Oh, I learned how to do that!". Everyday, something new - it is such a pleasure!
SD-Trendsetters: Ooh, so practice really does make perfect! Do you put so much work into your looks in real life? Your makeup and hair must be great, what do you do to it?
Mary: True? Nothing really! I am not in fond of wearing tons of makeup when I go to school, it is only when I go out somewhere. All I need is to brush my teeth, have some creme at my skin and have my hair brilliant in the morning. If I need to have fun somewhere serious - then it depends where I go and how much make up will I put on.
SD-Trendsetters: I'm sure that you're gorgeous just like your meDoll. Do you find lots of beauty in other users? And what is it like to own a modelling agency ontop of a magazine?
Mary: Owning a modelling agency is like having a boat of beautiful ladies, who want to be popular. And you know, when I choose a model for an article, I go through the topic. And Yes, I found her! Then I go to next page: Oh, this one is even better for this article! Everyone there needs your attention, and also - having such a warm athmosphere there is a miracle. I feel like I am in some high-ranked community, where everybody are your friends. And yes, I find beauty in other Stardoll members. Some have such terrific Styles and MeDoll all can die for, you know!
SD-Trendsetters: Yes! To finish off the interview, Do you have any gossip to spill, secrets to tell ?
Mary: Is there a lot of secrets, which need to be spilled? Got a secret, can you keep it.. :D I want everyone to know... shouldn't follow the rumors. I mean, you can tell me whatever you want, any bad words - it won't be my problem. You must think in your own head, and get to know me before judging me. I am not an Angel, as well I am not a snob. I do mistakes, everybody does. But I step over it, and move forward. I am not a poser or a silly wannabe - if I get my self. And I do. I know what I want, and yes - I am valuing my friends here more, than every magazine, including Eternity. I am just not letting relationships to be merged with any business, because it won't mean success. I can be mean, I can be friendly - but I am myself. And I advice you to feel in the same way. Be yourselves. xoxo, dear friends :) Yours Forever, M
SD-Trendsetters: What a beautiful way to finish our first interview of Eternity, Undercover!
Before publishing this interview I decided to ask Mary a few questions now about her illness and how it will affect her stardoll account and Eternity.
SD-Trendsetters: Hey again, Mary. We have all heard the sad news about your illness and how it may effect Eternity. What are your hopes for Eternity's future ?
Mary: Well, my hopes are that Eternity will continue rockin'! You know, I will help with that. Actually, I will stay a bossy boss there forever - as I am not leaving Stardoll. My mom gave me a chance in my head, that dad will allow me. You know, he says: "Never-ever" and in 2 days I am here again. They won't stop me, haha! :D Maybe (Maybe!!!), people, who will work with my back, trainers and so on, will tell that I can sit on the comp - the I am totally back to business! Time will tell, and very very soon! Also, I am hoping that we'll hire worthy graphics editors to help me ;)
If you wish to ask Mary any questions which have not been asked in this interview please state them in a comment below and they will be answered in the final post for Eternity, Undercover!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey everyone. Just today, another new store arrived in starplaza. That store is called ELLE. Yes, the beautiful fashion magazine has a clothing range right here on stardoll!
As you can see there is some really nice party pieces and accesories (perfect for the Christmas parties coming up.) This store is a mix between some of the shops that have arrived before it. I find this store fun, stylish and perfect for all the ELLE readers! The whole collection is just above $200, which isn't too bad i guess. Then again, I won't be buying everything as there is some pieces I dislike.
What are your opinions on the new store ?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holidays Are Coming!

Tiz the season to be jolly, la la la la laaa (8)
So, why am I mad ?
Stardoll has re-realeased.. again!
Look familar ?
These clothes were realeased last year as the Christmas clothing!
Maybe, it's not a big deal.. but I wanted new clothes for the season of giving. Did you ?
Stardoll, be kind.. give us something we want, that we DON'T already have.
Very much appreachiated.
Ok, so stardoll has realeased some new clothing which I am pleased with including the Winter Princess/Fairy clothing. Most of the clothing in this section is nice but some pieces are just useless. My favourite is the dress below. Reason ? Well, it looks like it could do some awesome layering work :)
What do you think of the infamous re-realeasing and the new realeases ?
Tell us in a comment!
Before you go remember to collect your $3 shirt from the Holiday Calender :)
Bye For Now,
Marie xxxxx

Sunday, December 7, 2008

She's Back!

Heidi is back!
Yes, Heidi logged on today and comfirmed that she is fine :)
Her computer crashed but she will be getting a new internet connection at New Years (yay!)
Heidi, I missed you so much!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Everything You Need To Know.

Hey everyone. Hope you are all fine.
Before I begin to post, I wish to dedicate this whole blog to Mary Walkerson, who is currently very ill in hospital. Mary, you have been the sweetest, most kindest (and very fun) friend I could ever have asked for. You were always there for me, and I wish I could be there for you now... But it is impossible. I will continue to pray for you every night. I love you always and forever. xxxxxxxx
As you all know, The Limited Edition clothing range was launched just yesterday and already has been tagged as overpriced and a scam. The LE range currently only has one final piece of clothing for sale at a massive $150! If you think that's big there is some over $200! And I have heard that the whole collection costs over $3000! Very Very overpriced. I bet we will be able to find these clothes in the starbazar for $60. Now, moving onto why it was tagged as a scam. Well, simply because when they were almost out of stock.. stardoll restocked! Cheek of them. Haha. I guess it's just money making stardoll using ANOTHER money making scheme, right ?

Remember to snatch your $1 sparkly purse from the Holiday Calender :)

Oh, and incase you didn't notice.. The blog has a whole new look. I changed the template, layout, header, font, colours etc etc. I hope you all like it :) Opinions please.

That's all I have time to post atm. I may not be able to post in the next 2-3 days due to unpacking, being with friends etc etc. I may get a quick post in here and there. I will try my best :) Until then, Goodbye for now.

What do you think of the LE clothing ?

What do you think of the blog's new look ?

Anything else to say ?

Leave a comment ^_^

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet Darling.

I've always looked up to Gemma, fashion wize, due to her fresh complexion and natural look. She never over-done or under-done her look, it was always perfect. From her lucious long, blonde locks to her shining smile she always looks beautiful. Now, this is where the good stuff comes in. Gemma not only has an extremely beautiful medoll but she also creates outstanding outfits, including the one above. Her outfits always bring a smile to my face and make me think.. 'Wow, how did she do that!' She is a true trendsetter and is such a sweet person. I enjoy chatting to Gemma and she has such a warm, caring heart. Gemma really is an inspiring person and I hope she never changes.
Eternity Undercover - Interview One - Coming Soon.
Winners of Competition 2 - Coming EXTREMELY Soon.