Monday, December 15, 2008

Rock December: Soft&Girly!

Hey there my sweet darlings, I missed you so much.. did you miss me?

Well, this is a little hi and a tiny post to'll see!
December, is almost everyone's favourite month because of christmas, new year's eve and other celebrations also because of gifts, shopping and family time! So, i decided to help you with some ideas and looks for all those events!
With all the new stores on Starplaza, you can certainly mix and match to obtain a fancy, chic, stylish and lovely outfit to celebrate cheerfully! So, i created those ensembles! Take a look and i hope it will inspire you to make your own!
*Soft, Chic and Lovely:
I created a look and an outfit that incarnate the chic and sweet girly girl, with a very soft make up.
The Look:
To realize that look follow the steps:
- First, apply mascara on the lashes and on the inside corner, apply the white eye pencil and then the light pink eye pencil on the rest of the eye.
-Then, use the jumbo eye pencil purple over it on one layer of the light pink eyeshadow in the extern area of the eyelid.
-Spread the KVD Steel eyeshadow on the empty zone and to finalize the look add a touch of light pink on your lips!
The Outfit:

I tried to make it look fancy, chic but girly, using many shades of pink and white, with very feminine shapes and added some cute touches as the cap that i used as a fur bolero, also the tights are so sweet and the shoes really complete this ensemble! I hope it will inspire you and that you like both the look and outfit!

I wish i could do more outfits and looks but unfortunately i have to leave the internet café! But if you like this post, more will be coming soon!

Finally, i would like to thank Marie for making such a good job on the blog, i was so surprized when i saw the new layout! It's fabulous! Don't you think?

Oh also, I wish to my sweet friend Mary(writemarycat) to get well soon!




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Your Back! Yay.
Great post!

Regina said...

love the post, darling. welcome back! missed ya.

Anonymous said...

Quoting Steelone.

Angry isn't fashionable.

coolsista said...

very cute look!! i love it!!

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Ohh, I might just swipe that look ;)

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Love the post, please post more!