Monday, December 15, 2008

Elizabeth and James - RB!

Hey everyone! Is it me, or does stardoll have a new store everytime I log on ?
Well, today another new store arrived in the starplaza and guess what ? It's a Real Brand (Yay!) This time the Real Brand is Elizabeth and James which is a ''Limited store.'' Sorry to go off the subject but stardoll has gone mad with this whole Limited thing and it's starting to annoy me! First it was the Limited Edition clothing (which weren't even limited), then they advertise the Limited Faith Hill Dress and now a Limited store.. Arghh! I think they know that when we all hear the word Limited, we buy buy buy!
Anyway, Lets take a look at some of the Elizabeth and James clothing :)
Just incase you cannot find the shop (Like me, Haha) then click on the mka brand. They share ?
What do you think of the new Real Brand ?
Personally, I like it :)
It has some very beautiful items which I want!
Keep an eye on the blog today, the winners of the competition will be announced aswel as some fun posts.


torangle said...

The shop is very nice and has very nice clothes but it is kind of expensive. I only have 20$$ so i think i will buy the blue or gold dress.

Eamon007 said...

its another sd scam. they want our money and i aint giving any of mine to them lol

Hottie-Roshe said...

I like the store but i agree with you about the limited thing. stardoll is taking it too far but it does work lol!

yasas10 said...

I personally think that they're GORGEOUS in real life but on SD... not so fabulous!

John said...


Please follow now

tinkerbells said...

items are gorgeous.. and expensive... we are spending a lot of money on sd these days.... :(

umm i guess is into mka brand bc the olsen twins are designing clothes for elizabeth and james... so maybe is her collection!

Tinkerbells xxx

sirenintheshadows said...

I like the new shop.
But you're right, Stardoll has really gone too far with this "Limited" thingy.
It's so annoying, I bet soon we'll get another limited brand. :(

Episode said...

I already loved the line so i was very exited when i saw it in the shop.
I don't even care about this being a fake limited edition or not, i just love the clothing.
x E