Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eternity Undercover - Exclusive!

Hello my beauties. This is our first interview for Eternity Undercover. This interview took place 1-2 weeks ago before we heard Mary's bad news, but we couldn't let a good interview go to waste, could we? Also, we will be continuing with Eternity Undercover as planned :) The interview question are by both Myself and Lorie.
SD-Trendsetters: Hey Mary! So much has happened, centering you on stardoll in the past few weeks. Lets start by asking you some questions on one of the dramas... Fakeshake3. Tell us more about this!
Mary: Fakeshake...well, I hadn't expected you to ask this, and thought, I would like this conflict to lay down, I shall didn't start from her comment on Eternity magazine. Like, why should I care, who is she for me to care on her opinion? All the drama started a longer time ago, like in August and splashed out few weeks ago. She is acting very manipulative to me and my friends, she made my friend sell rares to her, she tried to make me a graphics editor for her blog - and thought that I'll say "Yes! What a honour!", but I said no. You know, it's very funny when you deny her requests. She says: "WHAT?!", like she is the one who gets everything. And she thinks she is such an angel, and all her friends are simply stupid to leave her, I mean, the Drama with teen Style magazine, hilarous how she tried to use Selena to get someone on the cover, who gave her a lottery dress, how she is trying to use everything for rare clothes and attention... and I am guilty, because I "Turned her friends against" her. Whatever now, she is trying to ruin me, but she won't succeed. Too many pathetic tries. I won't give any attention to that anymore.
SD-Trendsetters: Interesting! Let us move onto what you are most famous for.. Eternity! As the owner of an extremely popular magazine, What are your feelings towards Style Magazine ? Are you competing divas or supporting sisters ?
Mary: Well, Style... she is a smart person. She thinks twice before making something, you know. You can study a lot from her, but you can't copy her. People think we are competitiors - because 2 Stardoll's most popular owners can't be friends, but it isn't true. We talk often, I can ask her for advice sometimes... But I can't say sisters as well. She won't let you go too close to her, but if you are talking to her, you will feel she isn't ignoring you. You know, being strong is difficult. People say bad things - it hurts, but you don't show it. As she does, and I do. That is where we are similar.
SD-Trendsetters: That's sweet! What are your plans for the next issue of Eternity ?
Mary: Oh, it is something you haven't seen before. You are expecting Christmas stuff - you'll get it. You'll get a miracle, but in another magican way. The Covergirl is just what we needed - a secret in a charm. I added a new Section - Entertainment - and it will make you love Eternity even more. The theme of whole magazine is Winterish Fantasy, something like that...a Wonderland ;) Can't say more.
During this reply Mary kindly sent us some spoilers to stir even more excitement in our stomach for the next issue! (Will be posted in the final Eternity Undercover post.)
SD-Trendsetters: Wow! It sounds like it is going to be another outstanding issue. Talk to us a little bit about your staff and team members in the past, because there has been recent speculation that things have not been running smoothly.
Mary: We had a lot of stress with our comeback. And when you try everything to be excellent, a bug appears in the most seeing place, you know. So, we had some problems firstly with Kasia. When I saw her comment on a blog "Style magazine Forever", I was upset. I wrote "Kasia, you are fired! :D" as a joke first, in 2 seconds she wrote me a message, and I was thinking how to respond. I asked the Team and explained the situation...and I just got that worker is a Face of a Team. I have nothing against Style magazine, but when other people see the preferings of a Team, they will think: "Oh, they just go to Eternity and wait till Style will notice them and they will be hired there" One girl told me that, actually. We made a decision - to let her go, and fired her. Soon, I've realized that was my mistake, but I can't put things back. Next was Fay, well, actually, I kind of expected. She was so sweet talking about how she won't never show anything to anyone and so on, so...I am glad we let her go because she betrayded. She did it once, she will do it again. Anyways, I am the one who takes responcibility for the magazine, the reputation, team work, everything. Some of my workers can do something wrong, and it will be me, who did it to media, people at all. It is rather hard, but - everything had 2 sides, right?
SD-Trendsetters: Right! So, is there good work happening behind the scenes of Eternity now ?
Mary: Sure! Loosing some workers doesnt mean that we'll give up on that and say: "OK, guys, shut down this thing!" Me and Team are working so good lately, like a clock. Conferentions, ideas, the whole proccess of making is so amazing, still! That is where the fun comes to everyone, we are laughing, joking, gossiping, and in that time Eternity is like our "Baby", as my co-Teamer Lorie said, haha! :D I think we make it better, when we love doing this, when we put effort and feelings into the magazine. It becames a sunshine!
SD-Trendsetters: It sounds like you really enjoy your job! How is Eternity different than anything made by Stardoll users? There must have been a goal when you created it, right?
Mary: Eternity is...more than a fashion magazine. I got the idea of these words, when I created a new style of brand for the new Eternity magazine - what you see now. By reading mine And Gina's Editors letters in a comeback issue, you will discover that me and the Team strive for something more, than Fashion Reports. Cause readers will read it - and forget when the new season will come, new trends. I want to give young people, like me, you or other girls, that - you must be who you are. No matter what people can say. Every issue is about you. How to make yourself feel better, we are hoping to help you as in Real life, as on Stardoll. Some articles, as "Body or Life" are trying to make you love yourself, some tips you will need for your account are there as well! We hope readers will find something for themselves, each girl or boy, who read Eternity. We are unique, for you.
SD-Trendsetters: Great! Now, Lets talk about you in real life. What is your favorite fragrance?
Mary: Fragrance? I have some on my mind which I have loved for years now. First, it is Chanel "Chance". I loved the old one, and I love the new one even more. One of my total favorites. Second one is Blue "Incanto" by Ferragamo. It is just..soo good on me haha! And the last but not least is Red "Be Delicious" By DKNY. It is so fresh for everyday life!
SD-Trendsetters: Those sound delicious, just like the graphics you make in the magazine! How did you get so good at making them?
Mary: It is named Experience and work. You may believe or not - but I was so bad at that stuff like a half of a year ago! We all were newcomers at everything! Now, the more graphics I make, the more experience I have, I notice it when I do something and see: "Oh, I learned how to do that!". Everyday, something new - it is such a pleasure!
SD-Trendsetters: Ooh, so practice really does make perfect! Do you put so much work into your looks in real life? Your makeup and hair must be great, what do you do to it?
Mary: True? Nothing really! I am not in fond of wearing tons of makeup when I go to school, it is only when I go out somewhere. All I need is to brush my teeth, have some creme at my skin and have my hair brilliant in the morning. If I need to have fun somewhere serious - then it depends where I go and how much make up will I put on.
SD-Trendsetters: I'm sure that you're gorgeous just like your meDoll. Do you find lots of beauty in other users? And what is it like to own a modelling agency ontop of a magazine?
Mary: Owning a modelling agency is like having a boat of beautiful ladies, who want to be popular. And you know, when I choose a model for an article, I go through the topic. And Yes, I found her! Then I go to next page: Oh, this one is even better for this article! Everyone there needs your attention, and also - having such a warm athmosphere there is a miracle. I feel like I am in some high-ranked community, where everybody are your friends. And yes, I find beauty in other Stardoll members. Some have such terrific Styles and MeDoll all can die for, you know!
SD-Trendsetters: Yes! To finish off the interview, Do you have any gossip to spill, secrets to tell ?
Mary: Is there a lot of secrets, which need to be spilled? Got a secret, can you keep it.. :D I want everyone to know... shouldn't follow the rumors. I mean, you can tell me whatever you want, any bad words - it won't be my problem. You must think in your own head, and get to know me before judging me. I am not an Angel, as well I am not a snob. I do mistakes, everybody does. But I step over it, and move forward. I am not a poser or a silly wannabe - if I get my self. And I do. I know what I want, and yes - I am valuing my friends here more, than every magazine, including Eternity. I am just not letting relationships to be merged with any business, because it won't mean success. I can be mean, I can be friendly - but I am myself. And I advice you to feel in the same way. Be yourselves. xoxo, dear friends :) Yours Forever, M
SD-Trendsetters: What a beautiful way to finish our first interview of Eternity, Undercover!
Before publishing this interview I decided to ask Mary a few questions now about her illness and how it will affect her stardoll account and Eternity.
SD-Trendsetters: Hey again, Mary. We have all heard the sad news about your illness and how it may effect Eternity. What are your hopes for Eternity's future ?
Mary: Well, my hopes are that Eternity will continue rockin'! You know, I will help with that. Actually, I will stay a bossy boss there forever - as I am not leaving Stardoll. My mom gave me a chance in my head, that dad will allow me. You know, he says: "Never-ever" and in 2 days I am here again. They won't stop me, haha! :D Maybe (Maybe!!!), people, who will work with my back, trainers and so on, will tell that I can sit on the comp - the I am totally back to business! Time will tell, and very very soon! Also, I am hoping that we'll hire worthy graphics editors to help me ;)
If you wish to ask Mary any questions which have not been asked in this interview please state them in a comment below and they will be answered in the final post for Eternity, Undercover!


GossipRoyalty said...

That's what i call.. Juicy!
I love miss walkerson.
She is just the kinda person who deserves credit on SD. She works hard, is nice to everyone and is fun unlike other elites.

Hottie-Roshe said...

I hope mary gets better soon and I loved that interview.

I hope Eternity continues because it is my favourite magazine.. ever!

Anonymous said...

can i ask mary a question............ if u have 2 leave stardoll is eternity over??

Paris.Freche said...

wow, that is what i call an interview! It took me like 10 mins to read it.. but whatever it was worth it lol. Im so glad mary is better and i hope eternity stays and i hope mary stays too!!

--Beautyxxx said...

Awesome interview. I think mary is sweet but i like ellie too. I like everyone lol. ^_^

yasas10 said...

Long but amazing interview.
The questions weren't the regular, boring ones.

Mary said...

Answering to Anonymous 1 :)
I guess no. If my Team can handle that - why should I make the drama and close it down, I mean: I am leaving, close it, cause I am leaving? You got me. It is just...if my Team will have a nice Graphics Editor and so on. Also, I am not gonna leave by now. :)

P.S. Everybody can leave your public questions here, I will answer here aswell!

John said...


YaelAlon said...

Love you Mary <3
Great interview.
But i have a different opinion about Style. I guess i dont know her well, but i never saw her saying something realy nice, she always replay with cold comments.
But i can say that she have a great sarcastic humor :D

Regina said...

Love the interview. I have a few questions for you, mary.

1. how do you chose your staff?
2. when did u start eternity?
3. what are your opinons on steelone?

Mary said...

To: Regina
1. Well, when I see a talent - on Stardoll - I am getting to know the girl (currently) well. If I see she is a smart person, with style sense, inner beaty (yes, each factor depends!) and Team likes her - we give her a try! I take care about getting to know her well - to trust the person, who is going to work for E. Then, some time passes, and if she is loyal Team worker and friendly girl - she is an Eternal Part of us.

2. 7th of April, 2008 first issue of Eternity saw the World :)

3. I don't know. She is just paranoid somewhere! Anyways, I guess she is gone now?

thereviewer said...

Lovely interview, and very interesting. I enjoyed reading it. I also have a question for Mary, a very easy one, When is the next issue of Eternity going to be realeased?

MadWorld said...

amazing interview. it took me ages to read but it is amazing. loved it.

question for mary:
when will your illness be better? (hope soon!)

Mary said...

To: thereviewer
Since now I have no idea...I guess in Jan!

Sugar-magx said...

Halleluyaa! i've been waiting for a juicy, exciting, fun interview like this for ages. You did an awesome job and mary, gett better soon darling!!

Mary said...

To: MadWorld
My pneumonia is gone, and scoleousis need some work :)

torangle said...

Hei people! That interview was brilliant, i am!

Before i go.. i have a question for mary.. how did you get your mag so famous??

Eamon007 said...

great post. the interview made me read and read and read

Anonymous said...

I deteste Style Magazine. How can mary like her especially when she runs a magazine too

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the interview girls!

I have a short question for Mary.

I am starting my own magazine very soon and I need some advice. How do you get it well known? How do you chose staff, and know they will be loyal?

Mary said...

To torangle and then sheermagazine (almoust same Q):
I made it so famous by working. You must have a Team. It is very important. Second thing is that you put much effort in the mag. If you love it, and have some computer skills - you can make success. And,sure,believeing in yourselves!
Also, Sheermagazine, you'll see if they are loyal when they follow the rules, work on the mag and put effort in it. They are friendly to co-Teamers and they respect our opinions and choices!

Serena. said...

I adore this interview! So interesting and exciting! Mary, i have a question for you.. Why did you join stardoll and how did you find out about it?


Mary said...

To: Serena
One day I was so bored, that I wanted to play dressup games. In google appeared Stardoll, I joined in a second, and saw that my chances to be a superstar and have fun there were going to zero, I forgot about SD at all. Then, I came back (when 1st collection of DKNY was released) and made a doll for 5-minute game,with a weird nickname :S haha, now I am here. Having fun :)

sirenintheshadows said...

That's what I call a great interview!

coolsista said...

i am speachless ladies!! amazing!! really amazing!! mary can i ask a question?? what is your style??

lil-bit-me said...

does this mean eternity is back? yay!!!

Jennifer said...

I Loved That Interview!
Hope You Get Better Mary :)
I Can Not Wait For Eternity and It Is so not just a fashion magazine, Its soo much More!


Mary said...

To: Coolsista
Well, I don't is "Mine". I don't think it has a name, like "casual" or "glam"...My own.

Anonymous said...

mary, how do you make graphics?? plzzzzz tell me. i want to make a mag and if you wont tell me plz tel me some other way to make a mag!