Friday, December 26, 2008

The Difference One Feature Can Make.

Hey everyone. I got kinda bored this morning and started having some fun with my medoll. I found it funny how one feature on your medoll can change it dramatically!
I began with the eyebrows and I have chosen the most dramatic to show you. As you can see below, there is a before and after. With one click of a button, you can change from normal to quite angry, haha!
The second which I tried was the mouth. I found the mouth below the most interesting as you can have 3 completely different looks with it, just by moving it up or down.
Another feature, is the nose. I didn't find anything very interesting about the nose but it does make a big difference to your medoll, believe me! Just see below.
Eyes are a big impact on your medoll. From tiny to massive, stardoll has them all.. and not all of them look too good.
That's all I have time for now.
Why not try some feature changing yourself, you never know.. you could find a perfect look and if not, maybe, just a look that will make you laugh!


torangle said...

Wow! I never knew one feature could change a medoll sooo much. I am going to try some out and send ya the results. By the wya.. you have a very pretty medoll!!

Anonymous said...

this is why i love this blog. you always have unique, fun posts all the time aswel as all the updates and fashion news. most other blogs are boring while your blog is exciting and interesting. keep up the great work.

Love, Sheer.Models

MadWorld said...

Lol.. stardoll lets our medolls look so weird.

Im gona try some and send you them. You should post all the ones that we all send you.

Anonymous said...

the old lady eye one was so funny.. you did a great job wif the featuresss

yasas10 said...

I tried some looks yesterday, and I made my medoll resemble other people's medolls. Which was quite fun, actually. :D

Hottie-Roshe said...

great post! it is so weird how one thing can totally change a medoll.

Anonymous said...


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Great post! (: Yeah, some of Stardoll's eyes doesn't look very good.... I love your MeDoll's make-up, bye the way. It's fabulous! :D

lil-bit-me said...

i loved this post!