Monday, December 29, 2008

Awards Galore!

Hey! So, today I was searching through blogs when I realized that alot of award shows are beginning to arise onto stardoll. I think this is great, it gives more people a chance to win an award.
The first award show, was of course, the legendary Star Awards owned by the lovely Linda (Star_Awards) but after many months, Linda decided to close down the awards show and open a blog.
After this many award shows tried to imitate the Star Awards and they all tried their best to be sucessful, but the only other award show that actually became sucessful was another Star Awards owned by jeremyn2005.
After another few months people began to realize that the same people were being nominated again and again so another award show began (only a few days ago) called Achievement. This is owned by several talent ladies, Gosia/Naive-Magazine, hunnigall, to_royal, fayasi, hrvatica_97, Sophie (Who is the girl behind the acheivement account), rock-princess30, and welsh_witch.
This award show is for non-elite winners only which is great for some, but who is to decide who is elite and who isn't ? As some people think some people are elites when they are not and the other way about. And I thought the whole elite thing was over, I guess it never will, but we can all pretend it is.. Lol! Anyway, I think this award show will be sucessful and I am sure it will be great!
After I found out about this, I found out about the Eternity awards. In every issue Eternity will have an award for a certain thing. This month it is for the best club. This award is not a show, but the winner will be featured in the magazine which is as good, if not better! I think this award is exciting and very promising.
Also, other award shows such as blog awards have became very popular. I found 5 in the past few minutes. Some of them look promising while others look like they are bound to fail. I'm not going to give any names.
After all this, I thought to myself.. Wow, why don't we have an SD-Trendsetters award show ? Well, I am still unsure about this but I will first see what you (the readers) think, then what Heidi thinks and then what my close friends think. I think it would be fun. And we could even feature the winners in The Big Book Of Fashion which will be realeased probably in late Febuary as proper work will not begin until Heidi returns.
Bye for now,
Marie xxxx
*** Update - now have an award show also. It has a great name, The Perezies! And the categories are easily some of the best. This oviously is the award stage of stardoll history!


coolsista said...

omg! you should soo have an award show. i know it will be great. and i think the achievemnet award show will be very popular because there is lots on non-elites and only a few elites but i think NO award show will EVER be as famous as the original star awards!

MadWorld said...

Achievement sounds great.
Eternity awards sounds great-er.
SD-Trendsetter awards sounds the great-est.

Lol... you should defianty have an award show.

Anonymous said...

i hate jermey2005 or whoever you call er. ya no the one who owns star awards now?? she thinks she is elite.. she isnt. i knew her before she started the starawards and now she is so different!!! arhhhh

Hottie-Roshe said...

All these award shows sound good but will they last? Who knows, only time will tell.

Mary said...

Yay, I am a great supporter of TS awards!

Emese Melon said...

I think you should have one, i mean who knows if they will last or not if you won't try :)

yasas10 said...

Have an award show. Totally 100% with you.

thereviewer said...

I agree with yasas10. It would be great.

--Beautyxxx said...

Defiantly have an award show! It would be a sucess, i know it.

MissMel08 said...

You forgot to mention the Perezie's '08 hosted by Kasia/UndamyUmbrellla on Stardoll's Most Hated Website.

Babii-Mariex said...

Yes, When I wrote this post the Perezies had not been created but I will add it as an update now. (: