Friday, October 31, 2008

TrendLounge: Rock The Hallo, Best Dressed&Review!

"Rock The Hallo"
As you know, Marie, Mary and I had joined our forces to create a very hype; chic and extraordinary night club that we called TrendLounge
The Lounge has became very sucessful, and we're very pleased with the result!
Here are some photos of the first rooms
TrendLounge VIP Room and Bar
TrendLounge Café
Yesterday was our first ever party, and as i predicted it was...HOT...HOT..HOT! The party officially started at 7:30 p.m., the TL guestbook was already filled with comments by many people that couldn't wait to start!
The hostesses, who are Mary,Marie and I (Heidi), have made our glamorous appearance minutes after, in luxurious cars and gorgeous ensembles and on the same trail, the best DJ ever: Miss Britney(Britneys07) who created a fabulous, bombastic playlist that you can find here:
The followed hundreds of people dsgused in freaky yet chic outfits, dancig, drinking, chating and esteeming each others outfits!
Many games were played to have more fun and to enjoy more the party even more as bubbles game, the dance off with me against Marie, that ended by a tie! And also freaky hilarious challenges, between Fay and Mary for the most gorgeous!
And mostly a vain guessing about Eternitys covergirl!
The party ended after 4 hours of the beginning and everyone without any exception has fun! We had only one party which had over 180 pages of partying in the guestbook. Wowza!
We woul like to thank everyone who came. You made the party special, exciting and fun. You guys rocked the Hallo!
and here are:
The Hostess With The Mostess
>Babii-Mariex , Heidi-di , WriteMaryCat The Best DJ WithThe Twisted Playlist:
This party was graced by many spectacular appearances that cheered our party,especially Isabella, who came as a lady in red, and who was a little late, but it's better late than never!
Also, I want to tell you i checked almost all the entries in my guestbook and looked for the best dressed. Some were chosen, some not. If you were not chosen, there is always next time!
So here are the people that made it into the best dressed!
Lady In Red
The beautiful Isabella, came in a complete red magfique esemble, that take the breath of any who has the chance to have a look at it. I was even afraid of counting the pieces as huge amounts of beautiful pieces were included!This outfit is simply memorable in our minds and especially in the TrendLounge bestest outfit history
Marie antoinette Of Stardoll
>Dei(To-Royal) presented a very classical,and stylish version of the 18th century,with all the poise and prestige,that the women of that time had,also she showed so much creativity,because it's not easy to recreate outfits like that from simple stardoll clothes!
Props to our very Marie Antoinette aka Dei!
Oh and Thank you for animating the party afterBritney has finished,u did a wonderful job!
The Fabulous Hallo Pumpkins



Justine and Lorie incarnated perfectly the Halloween traditional and symbolic pumpkin,in a very stylish way,both using the same orange clothing item,but each has used differently and her own way!The first(Justine),presented it in very elegant and haute couture kind,while the second,(Lorie),made of it a very funkaaay and retro one of a kind..pumpkin lol!!xD

Great Outfits!

Cruella D'Evil shake it shake it !!


Ellie,recreated wonderfully a fabulous version of a very stardollian cruella d'evil,the cruel fur lover of the 101Dalmatian,mixingperfectlyy between brown and black and adopting the infamous hair color duo!Brilliant..Ellie..Brilliant!And the doggie ads a very freaky touch haha

Toxic Lady?...Yes Baby!!


The very look a like version of the toxic outfit that Britney Spears Wore in the song having the same name:Toxic ,was brilliantly created by kate(Linkin_Girl) who made it so similar in all the details whithout any exception!and by the same way making look her very own!*Applauses*

Hot And Fabulously Creepy!

Lizzi_95 Yaelalon

As i stated it before both,Yael and Alicia,have been cursed by the spell of fabulous and creepy sense of creation!those outfits are so stylish and original,the first(Alicia) was mean't to be a gothic princess,while the second is a glamorous witch,which they both incarnated originally and it was especially that were both beautiful and creepy!

The Scorpio Warrior
Unlike the usual,this warrior is very chic and elegant mixing metal,sparckles,and dark colors,and accessorizing perfectly with armour pieces, and a weapon!The reason behind creating this ensemble is that Angelica's horoscope sign is the scorpio!and she truly honoured this sign!and btw happy b-day Angie,i wished it to you before,but there's no harm of doing it again!

The Swapped Twins

The very close friends,decided to play a trick on us for halloween,and swapped roles,making t shirts stating it and almost dressing similarly!
Brilliant Idea
That was all for Today And don't forget to contact Mary,Marie or me for the booking of the TL! Also we will have a casting to hire some workers! I hope you enjoyed our very first party,and you'll attend the next one!! xx Heidi p.s sorry for posting the best dressed so late,but i had some problems with my computer,like not switching on for one day,and also my messed up key board that was driving me totally vrazy!but everything in fixed now ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Party Time!

Finally! We have our blog celebration of over 300 members party all planned!
Writemarycat and SD-Trendsetters have joined forces to plan this party! Not only this, but Heidi and I have joined with Mary and opened a brand new, fierce nightclub! It was made today and already is ready for business! The username for our nightclub is TrendLounge
This party will be our 300 members party, Mary's welcome back party and of course, the opening of TrendLounge party Haha. 3 Times the fun!
Here's the invitation and we really hope to see you all there!

-- Over & Out.

Marie xox

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haute Gossip Case: Stolen,and back again!

Hey Darlings!
As a new member of Eternity, I heard some gossip and precious information,that i can certainly not keep for myself! And as a faithful friend of Mary and the Eternity team, I asked the permission to reveal the following information.
First Haute Info:
-Angelica Isaksson (Angeliiicaaa__),that was stolen from Mary and Eternity by Style, has decided to come back to the E team again, because first she didn't get the article that style promised her, and secondly because Eternity offered her a higher post, with more privileges, the post is "Fashion Editor in Chief.''. This is certainly better than being featured in one or two photo shoots, and as i knew from a sure informer, Style sold Angie the Lirakis belt for 3 CODES, which is expensive,while you can buy for one or 60sd.
And Mary states clearly that Style tried to hire Gina (Modelisous), Eternity's Editor in chief as well, but the last did not fall in the trap, and stayed Faithful to Eternity!
I asked Angelica about her leaving Eternity and then coming back to it! And she said:
"Basically I looked at Style Magazine as the Vogue of Stardoll and Eternity as Elle. I'm sure that you can see why I would choose to be a writer for Vogue if I had the chance. So that's what I decided. During the time there, I was never given an assignment though which made me feel like I didn't really work there. When Mary told me that Eternity was coming back again after a short period of time where she didn't not have the possibility to make the magazine, I realized how much work she would have to make the magazine and I wanted to help her since she's probably my closest friend on Stardoll. I asked both Style and Selena if it would be okey with them since I didn't really have anything to do anyway and Style said that she didn't think that Selena would be too happy to hear that. After thinking for a while I decided that I couldn't walk away from my commitment with Teen Style and therefore I would stay there. What I didn't know was that Mary wanted me to be the editor-in-chief of the fashion section in Eternity Magazine. I considered that too for a while and I realized that I couldn't pass up that opportunity so I left Teen Style and came back to Eternity"
Second Haute Info:
-As you know,all the Halloween disguise girls: Chloé(Balenciaga), Kasia(UndamyUmbrellla) and of course Angelica, are from now on working for Eternity,with posts that until now are not know to everyone, but Mary (WriteMaryCat) gave me a hint about it and said that it's related to fashion. The girls are also blogging for the official blog for all Eternity's news.
I asked Mary if she hired them, for that reason and her answer was:
"No, when I was hiring them to The Team, I had no idea, that it was them in TeenStyle. I was placing them on the job not because of some other magazines, because of their Style and Talent"
And as a member of Eternity i assure you that the upcoming issue is the bomb! With multiple sections, gorgeous cover girl(s), new concepts and a wonderful layout. I had a sneak peek of the issue's contents, read some articles and saw some photos of the photo shoot, all that to assure you, that waiting for the next issue is certainly worth it!
Also the duel between Style (Teen Style) and Eternity, is and have always been tough, but now more than ever!!
In this case Style seems to have the bad position and role; and we at Stardoll Trendsetters are giving her the complete liberty to respond!
And Finally good luck to both Teen Style and Eternity, because they're both wonderful magazines.
That was all for tonight see you soon my trendsetters!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After the new starplaza, we all knew that we wouldn't be getting much more from stardoll for a while. But, we were misleaded as stardoll has just supplied us all with new hair styles for our medoll. And guess what? They're for both superstar and non superstar, and they are not starpoint gifts! Also, i love them!
Right here, Right now Im going to show you all the new hairstyles you can get.

The first new hairstyle I spotted was the one above. It is a very elegant hairstyle and can look simply beautiful with every outfit. Perfect for a formal and casual. I just love this hairstyle, but's not my favourite.

I don't know what it is, but there is something about this hair that makes me want it, so bad! This wild and edgy look is what I am beginning to love more and more everyday. An untamed beauty! Love it.

If the previous hairstyle wasn't daring enough for you, then try this one. Personally, not one of my favourites but it still looks pretty awesome! But that might just be my crazy side coming out again, Haha.

A very chic and simple hairstyle, very loveable indeed. It looks really good but doesn't suit my medoll very well but with some slight changes of make-up and facial features it could look brilliant! Love it!

The classic up-do. It looks very fimilar to one of the starpoint prizes (hair) but looks alot better, in my opinion. I think it looks great and the chic geek look goes brilliantly with this hairstyle. I really like it.

Some more untamed looks. Very nice, indeed! Perfect for a strole across the beach on a warm, but slightly windy day. (If that makes sense?)

The first hair, i like. It looks exactly like the wig sold in the starplaza during the black lace theme. With the right make-up and/or accesories it can look amazing! As for the second hairstyle, well im not too keen on it. It looks like a train has ran over it or at least a very bad hair day!

These hairstyles look fine. Not my personal favourites or my personal hates, just in the middle. Nice, but not gorgeous.

The sleek side pony. It looks very clean, neat and tidy. Love it.

Finally, Hair isn't the only new thing we got! We also have new glossy lips! Yay, i love them. Also, new eyes are now able to be used!

Have fun re-doing your medolls!

Marie xx

And before you go,

Which is your favourite?

And what do you think of them?

Tell us in a comment!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She's Back!

Okay, So I Have 2 People To Mention In This Post.
Firstly, Miss Mary Walkerson! (Writemarycat)
After month's of missing this beauty, she is back! And she's brought a new Eternity with her! Below is a picture of the New Look Of Eternity Magazine. What do you think ?
Don't you just love it? It's so chic, stylish and perfect for Eternity! As much as i loved the previous Eternity logo, I love this one even more!
Mary Is Officially Back On Stardoll For Good!
Also, We have another surprise for you all concerning our blog and Mary, herself!
Coming Soon. ;)

P.S Mary Rocks!

Secondly, Britney Is Back!

Yes, I Am Talking About Britney Spears.

I Am In Love With Her New Song, Womanizer!

It Is One Of My Favourite Songs.. Ever!

Haven't Seen The Video Yet ?

Click Here To See The Official Music Video!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hot, Hot..Hotbuys!

As you can see the new hotbuys are out, and it's looking wonderful..apart from some that are simply horrid! We can notice also that all the pieces are from the previously released hotbuys doll, which is quite predictable! Stardoll admins can#t be so stupid to create such gorgeous clothes and not use them.
My rating would be 8/10, because it contains quite chic and elegant pieces, it is fun, fresh and girly, even if some are just imitations as the hello kitty shirt!
The only dark point is those hot pink boots, they are horrid, and so unwearable!
And here's start my review of the hotbuys, that are classed by the date of release!
-Hotbuys dress: Created by Luella for the Fall 2008 RTW, this dress looks fantastic and so chic with a very feminine form, and such stunning colors, to wear with the YSL tribute shoes (black) and a black clutch.Wonderfully adorable!
-Hotbuys Gloves: Extremely cute and so racy. It could dress down a formal short dress amazingly!
-Hotbuys boots : So not chic, and the pink is too much flashy! Not for me!!
-Hotbuys Bag: Lovely in a vichy checkered pattern with golden touches, and small pockets!Cute, girly and sweet! Definitely a bag to love!
-Hotbuys Skirt: A gorgeous skirt, tartan patterned tissue and a very girly form and colors! It would be great for layering and to add some color to an outfit!
-HB coat: Created by Matthew Williamson,amazingly multicolored with small flowers enbroidered, and seems so warm and cosy! I like but not my favourite.
-HB necklace: An adorable gold necklace, with a dragonfly adorned of precious gems. A definate must have, but it depends on how they will bring it on starplaza!
-HB pumps: Amazingly hot! Created by ASos, in a multicoloured snake skin or a leather with snake prints (who you?). I like the version seen here on the Hot buys page, but not the one that we will have and that we can see on the hotbuys doll wardrobe!
-HB Eyelashes: We now even can have that! Finally, eyelashes that wouldn't make our dolls look horrid, and it has a feathered aspect!
- HB Top: Last but not least, the fake imitated version of what we thought first was a hello Kitty creation but then found out on Seen On Stardoll that it was made by Fred flare! It's hotness!
Although, i prefer the original version. It was more simple!
This was my point of vew of the new hotbuys, that are certainly hot, but not as much as the last ones! My favourite pieces are surely the luella dress and the bag!
Do you like those hotbuys? Which is your favourite piece and the one you like less?
Tell us in a comment!
Oh and by the way, why can the hb doll there have that shiny lip gloss and not us? We would go crazy for it! we want it too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fashion Weeks Trends

Hey there darlings!
The past few weeks, the world noticed the main fashion weeks in the the man fashion capitals: Paris, New York, London and Milan with eclectic fashion shows and collections that were presented by the most fascinating stylists and couturiers. New trends were born, some reinvented, and others were waken up from a long sleep. Well, the fashion creators outdone their selves to present a memorable collection but also to honour the spring, one of the most beautiful seasons in the most fascinating, creative and outstanding ensembles.
And as we, stardollians adore fashion-it obvious: Stardoll, Fame Fashion and friends, i decided to present you the most influencing trends and mainly the ones that can be applicable in stardoll as well as in real life.
So let's start:
Between soft pastels, deep warm colors and elaborate and bold forms, N.Y., London, Milan and Paris presented wonderful fashion weeks,with an incredible variety and diversity of forms, tissues, patterns, colors and textures, creating a deep astonishment but also some of confusion, because although when we see all those creations, we feel confused and lost about which styles are we going to adopt and appropriate for the next spring (that is way too fay), so i decided to present from time to time, some of the trends that marked splendidly those Fashion weeks, accompanied of a selection of starplaza pieces that could be introduced into an outfit to make it in the air of spring,even if it is not the actual season.
-Sparkle it up!
There's no more borders between the day and the night, the sparkles are everywhere, but not as we used to perceive it, for the Spring/Summer2009 the couturiers have presented it in wide diversity, while in N.Y. it's soft, shy and subtle wearable for every occasion day as well as night. In Paris it s wildly sparkling as a waterfall, or In Milan where it's worked by touches like in Carolina Herrera's collection. As you can see, sparkles are going to be strongly present for the next spring!
And as i was feeling perplexed about it, I asked the people i was in chat with on their opinion on this trend and here were their answers:
Marie: I love this look. But you have to be very careful with sparkles as it is very easy to clash, and fashion disasters can happen very easily. I believe it is a trend which will come back every season.
Angie: I love the trend, I think it works just as good every season. I like it to be more subtile with eye-catching accessories instead.
So Be aware of the sparkles, but it's definitely a trend to adopt for the next spring and the current fall!

- New York -

Carolina Herrera-Milan

Chanel - Paris

Yves Saint Laurent - Paris

And because you can pursuit every trend on your own way, and avoid to look as a fashion victim but more as a fashionista, i chose some sparkling items from the starplaza that you can introduce softly or wildly into your outfits, it's just an example as you can see:

-Juicy Orange

Orange is another trendy colour that marked many collections during those fashion weeks, all adopting certain tones of the mentionned colors, in incredibly innovative creations as with C. Kane and his voluminous and gometrical forms, Lanvin asymetrical flows, and the flowless simplicity of Max Azria and Diane Von Furstenburg .

It's Juicy, fresh, and eye catching in all the tones, forms and contexts. It gives a ravishing silhouettes and some glow to the body. Here are some designers creations completely going madly orange! And others that you could fine scrolling down some Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear collections on

New York

Lanvin -Paris

C. Herrera - Milan

Christopher Kane - London

And here some juicy items to cheer your wardrobe!

There's also a top ten calling out the best collection that came out during the last fashion weeks, and making a quite usefull resumé of the fashion and style to adopt for the next spring!And that i personally quite enjoyed,The link to it is:

My favourite collections are definitely Dolce&Gabbana and Chanel.

What are yours?

And what would your top 3 for those spring collections?

Tell us in a comment!

Also we have a surprise for you that everyone should enjoy!



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Fay Baby!

Yeah, Thats Right! One Of My Favourite People.. Fayasi Has Just Become The Scenery Winner For October 15th! Fay Deserves This So Much. She Is Such A Great Person And Makes Me Laugh All The Time. Just Look At The Scenery She Created (Above). It's So Creative + Beautiful. I Can See Why So Many People Voted 5/5.

Well Done Fay!

I Just Had To Post About This.

Its Not Often When One Of Your Best Friends Win Scenery Winner!

Give Me That Lace!

Today, as I decided to take another look at the new starplaza I clicked on the starplaza botton as usual and.. unexpectedly I could see a new selection of fresh and ravishing clothes. It's the Black Lace theme inspired clothes! Gosh, i am in love with them!
What Isn't There To Love ?
Stunning Dresses, Extravagent Wigs, Pretty Hot Corsets, Shoes To Die For And I Bet More Are To Come!
My biggest obsession from this theme has to be the make-uped face and wigs! Moi J'adore ;)
Also, the bags, dresses, shoes and other accesories look remarkable.
Thank you stardoll! You have pleased us all. *Hugs Callie*
Want to get a closer look?
Click Here To Visit The Starplaza Now.
What do you think of the new theme ?
Do you like the new furniture/clothes ?
Anything else to say ?
Tell Us In A Comment!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Starplaza Rennovation !?

Hey Darlings!
I bet you already know what i am going to talk about, but i can't help it, I'm in a blogging mood today (unlike the days before ^^)!! Well, this morning when i logged on, as always i directly went to the starplaza to see if there's any fashion pieces to love, adore, or mock and yes during the period of a weekend many became accessible, including the cute hotbuys boots and a bunch of rares. Everything sounded as usual! The...surprise that can't fit in the surprise zone was found seconds after, when i and many of you found a huge banner surrounding the mentioned attraction and shouting out loudly at our faces "under construction",but that was predictable after our blogging colleagues at Stardoll Fashion Forward had revealed the new changes few days ago.

The real surprise occurred this afternoon, when i came back from school and i found a brand new starplaza. I must say that i'm of a nature that basically dislikes surprises and radical changes, but i admit that in this case i abhorred, hated and execrated the new plaza and then when i discovered it part after part, i found that it's easier and practical.

But here are my reasons, for both hating and loving:

-There's no make-up or hair dye section! I searched in every disappeared and i even went to the styling studio (style medoll) and clicked on the tiny link saying "StarBeauty" at that page but nothing it only took me to the starplaza front page! What's the heck? -Our Medolls shows with no make-up, which it quite annoying. -It's very practical, and we can get to the "products" easier! -We don't have anymore the obligation to watch that shadow walking, and walking, and wal..... -The layout is modern and elegant, also some of the new boutiques are super cute!

So Do you perplexed about the new Starplaza as much as i am, less or more ? Do you hate it, or adore it? And, what are your reasons? Give us your answer in a comment! That was all for now!

See you very soon! XX