Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haute Gossip Case: Stolen,and back again!

Hey Darlings!
As a new member of Eternity, I heard some gossip and precious information,that i can certainly not keep for myself! And as a faithful friend of Mary and the Eternity team, I asked the permission to reveal the following information.
First Haute Info:
-Angelica Isaksson (Angeliiicaaa__),that was stolen from Mary and Eternity by Style, has decided to come back to the E team again, because first she didn't get the article that style promised her, and secondly because Eternity offered her a higher post, with more privileges, the post is "Fashion Editor in Chief.''. This is certainly better than being featured in one or two photo shoots, and as i knew from a sure informer, Style sold Angie the Lirakis belt for 3 CODES, which is expensive,while you can buy for one or 60sd.
And Mary states clearly that Style tried to hire Gina (Modelisous), Eternity's Editor in chief as well, but the last did not fall in the trap, and stayed Faithful to Eternity!
I asked Angelica about her leaving Eternity and then coming back to it! And she said:
"Basically I looked at Style Magazine as the Vogue of Stardoll and Eternity as Elle. I'm sure that you can see why I would choose to be a writer for Vogue if I had the chance. So that's what I decided. During the time there, I was never given an assignment though which made me feel like I didn't really work there. When Mary told me that Eternity was coming back again after a short period of time where she didn't not have the possibility to make the magazine, I realized how much work she would have to make the magazine and I wanted to help her since she's probably my closest friend on Stardoll. I asked both Style and Selena if it would be okey with them since I didn't really have anything to do anyway and Style said that she didn't think that Selena would be too happy to hear that. After thinking for a while I decided that I couldn't walk away from my commitment with Teen Style and therefore I would stay there. What I didn't know was that Mary wanted me to be the editor-in-chief of the fashion section in Eternity Magazine. I considered that too for a while and I realized that I couldn't pass up that opportunity so I left Teen Style and came back to Eternity"
Second Haute Info:
-As you know,all the Halloween disguise girls: ChloƩ(Balenciaga), Kasia(UndamyUmbrellla) and of course Angelica, are from now on working for Eternity,with posts that until now are not know to everyone, but Mary (WriteMaryCat) gave me a hint about it and said that it's related to fashion. The girls are also blogging for waiting-for-eternity.blogspot.com the official blog for all Eternity's news.
I asked Mary if she hired them, for that reason and her answer was:
"No, when I was hiring them to The Team, I had no idea, that it was them in TeenStyle. I was placing them on the job not because of some other magazines, because of their Style and Talent"
And as a member of Eternity i assure you that the upcoming issue is the bomb! With multiple sections, gorgeous cover girl(s), new concepts and a wonderful layout. I had a sneak peek of the issue's contents, read some articles and saw some photos of the photo shoot, all that to assure you, that waiting for the next issue is certainly worth it!
Also the duel between Style (Teen Style) and Eternity, is and have always been tough, but now more than ever!!
In this case Style seems to have the bad position and role; and we at Stardoll Trendsetters are giving her the complete liberty to respond!
And Finally good luck to both Teen Style and Eternity, because they're both wonderful magazines.
That was all for tonight see you soon my trendsetters!


Angelica Isaksson said...

I just have one thing to clear up, Style was not in any way unfair when she let me buy the belt for 3 smscodes. She was acctually offered 5 codes from another girl, but let me buy it for 3 since I didn't have any more money than that.

SF.magazine(Rita) said...
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Hottie-Roshe said...

i love goss! and this is some good interesting goss. i LOVE eternity. xxxxxxxxx

Serena. said...

angie left? :O

sirenintheshadows said...

This is some serious gossip.
My personal fav from TeenStyle and Eternity is Eternity.
I'll always stay true for Eternity!! <3

Paris.Freche said...

your blog supplies me with all my fashion and gossip needs. great post and it was really interesting. moi j'adore eternity!!

Anonymous said...

I prefer TeenStyle!