Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fashion Weeks Trends

Hey there darlings!
The past few weeks, the world noticed the main fashion weeks in the the man fashion capitals: Paris, New York, London and Milan with eclectic fashion shows and collections that were presented by the most fascinating stylists and couturiers. New trends were born, some reinvented, and others were waken up from a long sleep. Well, the fashion creators outdone their selves to present a memorable collection but also to honour the spring, one of the most beautiful seasons in the most fascinating, creative and outstanding ensembles.
And as we, stardollians adore fashion-it obvious: Stardoll, Fame Fashion and friends, i decided to present you the most influencing trends and mainly the ones that can be applicable in stardoll as well as in real life.
So let's start:
Between soft pastels, deep warm colors and elaborate and bold forms, N.Y., London, Milan and Paris presented wonderful fashion weeks,with an incredible variety and diversity of forms, tissues, patterns, colors and textures, creating a deep astonishment but also some of confusion, because although when we see all those creations, we feel confused and lost about which styles are we going to adopt and appropriate for the next spring (that is way too fay), so i decided to present from time to time, some of the trends that marked splendidly those Fashion weeks, accompanied of a selection of starplaza pieces that could be introduced into an outfit to make it in the air of spring,even if it is not the actual season.
-Sparkle it up!
There's no more borders between the day and the night, the sparkles are everywhere, but not as we used to perceive it, for the Spring/Summer2009 the couturiers have presented it in wide diversity, while in N.Y. it's soft, shy and subtle wearable for every occasion day as well as night. In Paris it s wildly sparkling as a waterfall, or In Milan where it's worked by touches like in Carolina Herrera's collection. As you can see, sparkles are going to be strongly present for the next spring!
And as i was feeling perplexed about it, I asked the people i was in chat with on their opinion on this trend and here were their answers:
Marie: I love this look. But you have to be very careful with sparkles as it is very easy to clash, and fashion disasters can happen very easily. I believe it is a trend which will come back every season.
Angie: I love the trend, I think it works just as good every season. I like it to be more subtile with eye-catching accessories instead.
So Be aware of the sparkles, but it's definitely a trend to adopt for the next spring and the current fall!

- New York -

Carolina Herrera-Milan

Chanel - Paris

Yves Saint Laurent - Paris

And because you can pursuit every trend on your own way, and avoid to look as a fashion victim but more as a fashionista, i chose some sparkling items from the starplaza that you can introduce softly or wildly into your outfits, it's just an example as you can see:

-Juicy Orange

Orange is another trendy colour that marked many collections during those fashion weeks, all adopting certain tones of the mentionned colors, in incredibly innovative creations as with C. Kane and his voluminous and gometrical forms, Lanvin asymetrical flows, and the flowless simplicity of Max Azria and Diane Von Furstenburg .

It's Juicy, fresh, and eye catching in all the tones, forms and contexts. It gives a ravishing silhouettes and some glow to the body. Here are some designers creations completely going madly orange! And others that you could fine scrolling down some Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear collections on

New York

Lanvin -Paris

C. Herrera - Milan

Christopher Kane - London

And here some juicy items to cheer your wardrobe!

There's also a top ten calling out the best collection that came out during the last fashion weeks, and making a quite usefull resumé of the fashion and style to adopt for the next spring!And that i personally quite enjoyed,The link to it is:

My favourite collections are definitely Dolce&Gabbana and Chanel.

What are yours?

And what would your top 3 for those spring collections?

Tell us in a comment!

Also we have a surprise for you that everyone should enjoy!




Dora said...

Heidi, awesome post!
The best one ever!

Hottie-Roshe said...

wow heidi awesome post!
my fav is sparkles!!
i like is subtile with big accesories!

Hottie-Roshe said...

wow heidi awesome post!
my fav is sparkles!!
i like is subtile with big accesories!

Serena. said...

I love the juicy orange look. It is head turning and gorgeous! My type of outfit.


Paris.Freche said...

omg *screams with joy*!! this is the kind of post i have been searching for on stardoll blogs for ages. omg! *screams and runs around with tears of joy* i love you both!!!! < ultimate stardoll blog! loves it 5/5
*hugs everyone and continues to run around*

sirenintheshadows said...

Awesome post!
My fav is juicy :)