Monday, October 20, 2008

Hot, Hot..Hotbuys!

As you can see the new hotbuys are out, and it's looking wonderful..apart from some that are simply horrid! We can notice also that all the pieces are from the previously released hotbuys doll, which is quite predictable! Stardoll admins can#t be so stupid to create such gorgeous clothes and not use them.
My rating would be 8/10, because it contains quite chic and elegant pieces, it is fun, fresh and girly, even if some are just imitations as the hello kitty shirt!
The only dark point is those hot pink boots, they are horrid, and so unwearable!
And here's start my review of the hotbuys, that are classed by the date of release!
-Hotbuys dress: Created by Luella for the Fall 2008 RTW, this dress looks fantastic and so chic with a very feminine form, and such stunning colors, to wear with the YSL tribute shoes (black) and a black clutch.Wonderfully adorable!
-Hotbuys Gloves: Extremely cute and so racy. It could dress down a formal short dress amazingly!
-Hotbuys boots : So not chic, and the pink is too much flashy! Not for me!!
-Hotbuys Bag: Lovely in a vichy checkered pattern with golden touches, and small pockets!Cute, girly and sweet! Definitely a bag to love!
-Hotbuys Skirt: A gorgeous skirt, tartan patterned tissue and a very girly form and colors! It would be great for layering and to add some color to an outfit!
-HB coat: Created by Matthew Williamson,amazingly multicolored with small flowers enbroidered, and seems so warm and cosy! I like but not my favourite.
-HB necklace: An adorable gold necklace, with a dragonfly adorned of precious gems. A definate must have, but it depends on how they will bring it on starplaza!
-HB pumps: Amazingly hot! Created by ASos, in a multicoloured snake skin or a leather with snake prints (who you?). I like the version seen here on the Hot buys page, but not the one that we will have and that we can see on the hotbuys doll wardrobe!
-HB Eyelashes: We now even can have that! Finally, eyelashes that wouldn't make our dolls look horrid, and it has a feathered aspect!
- HB Top: Last but not least, the fake imitated version of what we thought first was a hello Kitty creation but then found out on Seen On Stardoll that it was made by Fred flare! It's hotness!
Although, i prefer the original version. It was more simple!
This was my point of vew of the new hotbuys, that are certainly hot, but not as much as the last ones! My favourite pieces are surely the luella dress and the bag!
Do you like those hotbuys? Which is your favourite piece and the one you like less?
Tell us in a comment!
Oh and by the way, why can the hb doll there have that shiny lip gloss and not us? We would go crazy for it! we want it too!


D.C.M.(To_Royal) said...

I want the purse and those eyelashes so badddd!!!! :P"""

yasas10 said...

You're right - some things are gorgeous, some are exactly the opposite.

Regina said...

i am in love with these clothes! amazing review btw. i agree with everything you said!

MadWorld said...

there really good.
great review.

Hottie-Roshe said...

loves them!

Anonymous said...

love em!