Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Love The Minishop!

From Horse Hair To Curtains, Stardoll Members Have Been Using The Minishop To Create Beautiful Outfits And Original Looks! And They Look Great. I Have Only Been Searching For A Few Minutes And Already I Have Found Many People With Minishop Created Outfits Which Look Great!
This creative godess has once again created a brilliant outfit but this time with Minishop items! This dress looks absolutely stunning and it's one of the best Minishop inspired outfit i have ever seen here on stardoll! All i can say is that i want that dress haha! Well done Dina.


Style used the white curtains from the Minishop to create this formal and elegant dress. I fell in love with this dress as soon as i seen it. It looks so chic and could easily be worn down the catwalk anyday. Great Job!


Anthony has gone a step ahead of us all and used the Minishop to create some stylish new hair styles and wow! He's done a great job. You can crete many more hairstyles like this by using the horse hair in the minishop. Anthony.. I'm speachless! Great Idea + Great Job!


I must say that Lou has to be my most favourite Minishop inspired clothing designer so far! Just look at this outfit.. Completely made by Minishop items. And yes, that skirt isn't a skirt.. it's curtains from the minishop! This isn't the first Minishop outfit Lou has created, there has been so much more and everyone completely brilliant! I must hand it to her, Lou has done an amazing job. Well done!

Thats all I have for now, but i will be posting another Minishop section very soon as i think more and more people will be inspired to create their own unique looks! So, if you think that you have an outfit which is made from minishop items and looks great then either contact me on stardoll or leave a comment below.

Which outfit is your favourite from above ?

Anyone you think should be featured here next time ?

Tell us in a comment!


Serena. said...

Thats such a smart idea and i am defiantly going to try and make one of my own so please visit my suite (FASHION-IS-LOV3) when i mail you and check it out. I really want to be featured.

Oh and im in love! .... With a blog! .. sd-trendsetters!

Hottie-Roshe said...

i cant chose my favourite i love them all. and i agree with serena a very smart idea and please visit my suite too as i am about to create a minishop outfit! xlou26 is amazing at them.

Heidi-di said...

The outfits are all brilliant and creative,i love every outfit especially Dina's one.

yasas10 said...

They are so creative and original. No wonder these people are looked up at.

Vnvi said...

These outfits are really amazing.I love all of them but i think that Dina's outfit is best.

Eamon007 said...

i did that ages ago but i was a penguin lol. i shrunk my medoll and hid it behind the penguin gift lol. not really as much effort as these people but still pretty cool

Eamon007 said...

i did that ages ago but i was a penguin lol. i shrunk my medoll and hid it behind the penguin gift lol. not really as much effort as these people but still pretty cool

Undamyumbrellla said...

I wrote a very similar post for Perez's blog a few days ago. I guess you never read it.

Babii-Mariex said...

I just read it there now. It's a great post Kasia. I never even spotted Gemma's outfit, which you spotted.

And i agree with you all, the new Minishop Inspired Outfits are amazing and it's incredible how brilliant they turn out!

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much For Featuring Me And All Your Lovely Comments.. Ive Been Doing This For So Long Now So Its Nice To See Someone Actually Notice Me Lol. xx


Anonymous said...

Style, DUH!

Paris.Freche said...

i am in love with xlou26's minishop outfits. every time i visit her suite i see a new excited outfit

Mimi_Mami said...

amazing outfits :)

very creative!

Anonymous said...

xlou26 is the only one with talent the rest are copy cats.

O_____O said...

I love some of the outfits :]
But I have a friend on Stardoll who
has been doing that for aaaages...
It only starts being recognized when "elites" begin doing it...:\

Anonymous said...

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