Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She's Back!

Okay, So I Have 2 People To Mention In This Post.
Firstly, Miss Mary Walkerson! (Writemarycat)
After month's of missing this beauty, she is back! And she's brought a new Eternity with her! Below is a picture of the New Look Of Eternity Magazine. What do you think ?
Don't you just love it? It's so chic, stylish and perfect for Eternity! As much as i loved the previous Eternity logo, I love this one even more!
Mary Is Officially Back On Stardoll For Good!
Also, We have another surprise for you all concerning our blog and Mary, herself!
Coming Soon. ;)

P.S Mary Rocks!

Secondly, Britney Is Back!

Yes, I Am Talking About Britney Spears.

I Am In Love With Her New Song, Womanizer!

It Is One Of My Favourite Songs.. Ever!

Haven't Seen The Video Yet ?

Click Here To See The Official Music Video!


Hottie-Roshe said...

eternity is bakkk!! yeeehaaaaaaaa.
i love it so much and the new look is amazing!!!!!! best yet! and britneys new song is amazing!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MB Publishing said...

britney is back, bitches!
eternity is back, bitches!
mary is back, bitches!
this blog rocks, bitches!

Marie Cameron
^^ Hell, yeah!
I have the same name as you marie!

MadWorld said...

i only read eternity magazine recently and its really great! writemarycat does a great job.

Paris.Freche said...

Golly, i love eternity ever so much. My ultimate favourite stardoll magazine. I prefer it to magazines in reality. So much more exciting and fun. As for Britney Spears, Moi j'adore de music video et (and) her song!

Anonymous said...

As 4 the logo, I think it's bogus. The old logo was spunky, fresh and fun. This one is BORING and nothing special. The old one was.
And as for the 'surprise': Mary won your writers comp and she'll be writing for your blog.

writemarycat said...

AW! so sweet,thanks!
ALSO I adore Britney,video and song! hot!

Dora said...

Yay! Welcome back Mary! :)

Babii-Mariex said...

Mary hasn't even entered our writing competition so it is impossible for her to win.
Also, the logo is absolutely amazing and we all know it! :)

Anonymous said...

ok, ok. sorryyyyy.

Paris.Freche said...

things that have to be said..

1. i love writemarycat
2. i love eternity magazine
3. i love britney spears
4. i love womanizer
5. i love this blog