Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After the new starplaza, we all knew that we wouldn't be getting much more from stardoll for a while. But, we were misleaded as stardoll has just supplied us all with new hair styles for our medoll. And guess what? They're for both superstar and non superstar, and they are not starpoint gifts! Also, i love them!
Right here, Right now Im going to show you all the new hairstyles you can get.

The first new hairstyle I spotted was the one above. It is a very elegant hairstyle and can look simply beautiful with every outfit. Perfect for a formal and casual. I just love this hairstyle, but's not my favourite.

I don't know what it is, but there is something about this hair that makes me want it, so bad! This wild and edgy look is what I am beginning to love more and more everyday. An untamed beauty! Love it.

If the previous hairstyle wasn't daring enough for you, then try this one. Personally, not one of my favourites but it still looks pretty awesome! But that might just be my crazy side coming out again, Haha.

A very chic and simple hairstyle, very loveable indeed. It looks really good but doesn't suit my medoll very well but with some slight changes of make-up and facial features it could look brilliant! Love it!

The classic up-do. It looks very fimilar to one of the starpoint prizes (hair) but looks alot better, in my opinion. I think it looks great and the chic geek look goes brilliantly with this hairstyle. I really like it.

Some more untamed looks. Very nice, indeed! Perfect for a strole across the beach on a warm, but slightly windy day. (If that makes sense?)

The first hair, i like. It looks exactly like the wig sold in the starplaza during the black lace theme. With the right make-up and/or accesories it can look amazing! As for the second hairstyle, well im not too keen on it. It looks like a train has ran over it or at least a very bad hair day!

These hairstyles look fine. Not my personal favourites or my personal hates, just in the middle. Nice, but not gorgeous.

The sleek side pony. It looks very clean, neat and tidy. Love it.

Finally, Hair isn't the only new thing we got! We also have new glossy lips! Yay, i love them. Also, new eyes are now able to be used!

Have fun re-doing your medolls!

Marie xx

And before you go,

Which is your favourite?

And what do you think of them?

Tell us in a comment!


Serena. said...

i LOVE them! super stylish! THANK YOU STARDOLL. and THANK YOU MARIE for telling me about them hehe.

Anonymous said...

theyre all nice and that hair you said looked like a train ran over it.......................................................your soo right hahahahhahahaha

Eamon007 said...

once again, nothing for the males. tipical stardoll.

Hottie-Roshe said...

ultimate fav=chic geek!!

yasas10 said...

Some of them are plain hideous.
Others are to-die for.

Anonymous said...

did you see Style_magazine's new hair?

Funk said...

I love them all! Can't possibly choose only one as a favourite. And the first hair you displayed is freakishly identical to my real-life hairdo. I ♥ the way you paired the geeky spectacles with the messy hairdo, it looks brill.
or Sarah [aka Mehrisa]

Dora said...

My fave is the one I'm wearing, but I like all of them actually :P

sirenintheshadows said...

I LOVE them!!
My fav is the classic up-do(or chic geek), I just adore it!!!

Paris.Freche said...

the first hairdo is a paris hilton bob! moi j'adore!

SayinItLikeItIs. said...

your medoll is so beautiful

MissMel08 said...

I love the sleek side ponytail. And in case you didn;t know, the lips do change colour with any of the LipSticks. I have a couple and they change the lips. But Lip Liner does not work on them. :)

Cutie said...

I love them they are so cool. Except for some, haha. But over-all they are nice :) I extremely love the slick neat pony tail, so chic! And the lips are soo awesome! Stardoll, You have out-done yourselves!

Juicy Magazine Website said...

hey i just added you to my blog rolll;; :)

Anonymous said...

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