Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hey Everyone. First Of All, I Would Like To Apologize For The Lack Of Posts This Week. The Reason Being Heidi Had No Connection To The Internet And Also I Have Been So Busy This Week With So Much. Now, We Are Back On Track With Posts At The Ready! We Have Gossip, Interviews, Fashion News And So Much More For You All!
Onto Some Stardoll Freebies News..
When I Read This I Thought.. Gosh, Not Another 'Buy Stardollars + Get A Free Dress Offer' But This Time I Was Totally Wrong..

We Get It For Free ? FINALLY! We Get A Gift To Thank Us Instead Of Asking Us For More + More! (To Get This Offer You Must Already Be Superstar Tho)

In My Opinion I Think Think All Of The Dresses Are Gorgeous. I Couldn't Chose Between The Pink + The Orange But After A Couple Of Minutes Moving My Mouse Over Each Of Them I Chose The Pink Dress (Antique Rose.) The Reason Being I Thought It Would Be Good For Layering or For A Formal Party Ect. Ect. The Orange Dress (Orange Crush) Was Tempting Me To Click On It Due To The Beautiful Colour And It Looks So Chic. Also, I Thought The Greeny/Blue Coloured Dress (October Night) Would Be Perfect For The Halloween Season Approching And I Was Tempted To Chose It For Parties And I Thought It Could Create A Few Nice Outfits.

What Is Your Favourite ?

Do You Think Non-Superstars Should Be Rewarded For Starpoints/Activity ?

What Do You Think Of This Offer ?

Tell Us In A Comment!


Paris.Freche said...

omg i wish i was ss now. those dresses look so a la mode and gorgeous! im so jealous hahahha! if i was ss i would also chose the pink one... it looks so much more stylish! and yeah i do think non-ss should be rewarded for starpoints and activity! its just fair. oh and im glad your back writing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eamon007 said...

emm i dont think i would want any of them lol. but glad yur back

yasas10 said...

I took the orange one - non-superstars and superstars could take them (if the non-superstars were superstars once)
I preferred the pink but I thought that I could take them all... still, the orange is cute!

Serena. said...

I picked the pink one.

Hottie-Roshe said...

yay new posts!
i chose the orange one. (:

visit my blog :)

rute_xox said...

You can get the dresses if you have been SS before!

For the orange dress:

For the green dress:

For the pink dress:

I saw this in Free.Stuff club, but i don't know if it works!

Dressing9900 said...

I think Non-Supers should get awarded. I loose all my boring freetime on here.

Tainted.love_xx said...

I definitely think non-superstars should get something as well.
Most users are non-superstar & just because we don't contribute money, doesn't mean we haven't played a part in making the site what it is.
We've contributed our time and activity =)

Gossip Girl said...

It is quite sad to watch a group of try-hard wannabe fashionistas work themeselves up over three outdated, out-of-style, excuses for a gown. Then again, what's new?

Miss me?

Gossip Girl

Anonymous said...

Now that i think about it, stardoll giving us this offer (is extremely good) is kinda leaving the non-ss in the dark. How would they feel, every single superstar & ex superstar receaving one of this gorgoues, couture gowns? A tad bit left out if you ask me.

Either way, the orange dress is TDF. Very haute couture.

Oh, and to Gossip Girl:
Take your head outta your fat ass. No one gives a shit about you, or your opinons, so stop trying to be "try-hard wannabe fashionsista".

sirenintheshadows said...

I chose the orange one...
But I love also the pink one.

Nat • tiatulip said...

I have October Night. Ex-SS can take them too! =D The pink rocks ...

To the questions; non-SS should DEFINITELY be rewarded! Some non Superstars are on more often than Superstars. Like moi? Hehe. Fave: Pink. This offer is good, encourage more people to become SS. But it leaves the non-SS out.

I'm glad you're back. Heidi: yeah, sometimes my internet connection just busts in the middle of the night, and i get sooooo fed up because i can't get onto the net. Marie: hi again!


dolcebonny_90 said...

I got the orange one it's really cool!!! kisses

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me what`s the link for that picture where it says that I can choose one??PLSS!!!!

HIyaALL said...

I totally would like to be superstar but my mum says nah .... i wish that stardoll will understand why more and more members haven't been using their website ... cos NON-SUPERSTAR IS BORING !!


:( :(

Topthestyles said...

I totally agree with .... HIyaALL !


oh and click on my name ! and see my site and become a member !!

starstter said...



OK ... HERE'S MY USERNAME : starstter


cami said...

I like all! I wish u could get all!