Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best Looks:Stunning Stars

Hey darling, long time no posting.. but we're back on track! As you know, since the start of the blog, i presented some looks that you can use or get inspired by for your medoll. So this time i decided to point out some stardollians with the best make-up techniques; some were evident and i had to look for others!
So from page to page scanning medolls and detecting make up talent to find the ones that would be perfect for this post, the chosen ones have a unique look and certainly a professional technique, it almost makes a rhyme Haha! And i can say that these are my favourites looks of the moment.
Here are my notes and tips on the Make up top trends remarked of the ones i saw in SD:
-1- Scintillating eyes which results than using bright and dark colors for the eyeshadow.
-2- Smoky eyes, that you can get by mixing different shades of the same eyeshadow (dark),or two that have close colors, by spreading the layers in a way that the closest to the eye is the darkest.
-3- Two sides technique which is the most popular on stardoll, and that we used many times in the "get the looks"and that was seen firstly (i guess) on Ellie(fakeshake3).
-4-Fantaisie, some "rare" people are looking whimmsy fresh and exotic, with a touch or tons of originality and props to them!
Let's start this make up rhapsody!
I will start with the pioneer, Style (style_magazine) who has special techniques,making her make-up always subtle and stunning and of course toned her own mark which is using the timeless black and white in a smoky eyes style.

After a dose of style, it's time for wildness and originality with Ashwy(theblack.sercet),who is always sporting a unique and chic look,without forgetting the stunning colors and the very innovative way she spreads her make-up.

Veronika(kiwigoesbananas) goes also black and white and proposes a very intense version, using different shades of black, the forms are very raced and truly stunning and she certainly spent a lot of time on it till it became so perfect

And now to Iina(iiNA.LOVES.YOUx), who is sporting very minimalist make-up, in shades of the previously mentioned colors, and using the two sides technique making her medoll scintillate and shine! And wow, she looks like a princess!

A so sweet look, a dazzling smile and candy eyes. Britney(Britneys07) rocks the sweetness and has created a very original look with cheering colors as lilac purple (that she created herself,as it doesn't exists in the available make up) and a marine blue that suits perfectly her eyes.I'm simply in love with it!
Gabrielle is sporting a very soft and fresh looks, perfectly avoiding the two much and staying chic. She's truy stunning and the shades of purple she created from pinky to aubergine are adorable, also her blondie hair color suits her make-up in rare perfection.
The make-up and hair coloration Diva is impressing look after look, in this one the prevailing and essential color is purple from the hair to the eyes, softening it with silver for the hair which creates a scintillating highlights!And the pink touch on the lips is so cute!
Fionamcgonigle's look blooms of creativity, she used so many colors.. almost 6 eye shadows for the eyes that looks so original and a very innovative lipstick made of two colors that gives a lip gloss aspect! So original and unique!

Which one you prefer?

Anyone you think should be here that wasn't?

That's all for now, see you soon!



P.S. Aaah, I finally finished this post.. It took me more than two days to type it because i have key board problems, and obliged to use the screen one :(


Rita(sf.magzine) said...

all those looks are stuning,but i think u forgot fakeshake3,she always have nice make-ups!

yasas10 said...

Garielle and fionamcgonigle have got the best looks for me but they're all so gorge!

Britney ox said...

wow their makeup looks brilliant. i really wish i could do it like that. its really inspiring!! finaomcgonigle's is especially amazing.....!! they all look brilliant!

Regina said...

haii... they are defo the best looks..... never seen any looks better than them!! great job on finding them!! and....... my fav is.... ashwey and...... i think u shud put me in it hehehhehe.

VampLady said...

gia looks best, I love her combination of bright colors. also Dora, aka Hrvatica_97 used first 2 side eyeshadow

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

My favs are Fiona's and Gia's!

Anonymous said...

I don't like fionamcgonigle's look. The eyes are gorge, but i'm not a huge fan of pink hair. Ashwy looks gorgeous.

elite said...

style magazine (bff) looks so fabulous!

Ashwy said...

Thank you so much guys! I always try to keep my look unique and creative, but with just a hint of glamour!

And thanks to all the people who love my look! THANKS.

Love, Ash

Xainnity said...

Fionamcgonigle copied what i did of the lipstick.
I was first in stardoll to do that & i did it way back when i was on teales BFF list, everyone saw it. So the lips are not original, but the eyes are very well done. I like Fionamcgonigle's look though

Anonymous said...

fiona copied diva_always lipstick pattern. she lives on her page.

dunja said...

Britneys07 definetly! She's the best :D

Anonymous said...

WTF? Gia, is fucking UGLY!