Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give Me That Lace!

Today, as I decided to take another look at the new starplaza I clicked on the starplaza botton as usual and.. unexpectedly I could see a new selection of fresh and ravishing clothes. It's the Black Lace theme inspired clothes! Gosh, i am in love with them!
What Isn't There To Love ?
Stunning Dresses, Extravagent Wigs, Pretty Hot Corsets, Shoes To Die For And I Bet More Are To Come!
My biggest obsession from this theme has to be the make-uped face and wigs! Moi J'adore ;)
Also, the bags, dresses, shoes and other accesories look remarkable.
Thank you stardoll! You have pleased us all. *Hugs Callie*
Want to get a closer look?
Click Here To Visit The Starplaza Now.
What do you think of the new theme ?
Do you like the new furniture/clothes ?
Anything else to say ?
Tell Us In A Comment!


Serena. said...

as you said, what isnt there to love! i love love love the new clothes but im not too fond of the furniture.

Paris.Freche said...

ahhhhhhh im in love!!!

with lace.. yeah i know right?

Regina George said...

The furniture sucks.
The clothes are okay-ish.

yasas10 said...

I love this new theme!

Hottie-Roshe said...

i <3 the new theme
i <3 the new clothes
i <3 the new furniture
i <3 the new starplaza
i <3 it all!

dunja said...

I'm not that excited about it, but it will do for now.ITS FOR SUPERSTARS :(((((

Eamon007 said...

dunja, its not for ss. only 2 clothes of it is for ss the rest of the clothes are non-ss. and i probably would like these clothes if there were some for the males ya no lol.

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

I want to marry this theme lol