Monday, October 13, 2008

Starplaza Rennovation !?

Hey Darlings!
I bet you already know what i am going to talk about, but i can't help it, I'm in a blogging mood today (unlike the days before ^^)!! Well, this morning when i logged on, as always i directly went to the starplaza to see if there's any fashion pieces to love, adore, or mock and yes during the period of a weekend many became accessible, including the cute hotbuys boots and a bunch of rares. Everything sounded as usual! The...surprise that can't fit in the surprise zone was found seconds after, when i and many of you found a huge banner surrounding the mentioned attraction and shouting out loudly at our faces "under construction",but that was predictable after our blogging colleagues at Stardoll Fashion Forward had revealed the new changes few days ago.

The real surprise occurred this afternoon, when i came back from school and i found a brand new starplaza. I must say that i'm of a nature that basically dislikes surprises and radical changes, but i admit that in this case i abhorred, hated and execrated the new plaza and then when i discovered it part after part, i found that it's easier and practical.

But here are my reasons, for both hating and loving:

-There's no make-up or hair dye section! I searched in every disappeared and i even went to the styling studio (style medoll) and clicked on the tiny link saying "StarBeauty" at that page but nothing it only took me to the starplaza front page! What's the heck? -Our Medolls shows with no make-up, which it quite annoying. -It's very practical, and we can get to the "products" easier! -We don't have anymore the obligation to watch that shadow walking, and walking, and wal..... -The layout is modern and elegant, also some of the new boutiques are super cute!

So Do you perplexed about the new Starplaza as much as i am, less or more ? Do you hate it, or adore it? And, what are your reasons? Give us your answer in a comment! That was all for now!

See you very soon! XX


yasas10 said...

They must be still renovating the make-up section - I hope.
It's not bad, but whenever you click on a piece of clothing, the place where to try the clothes comes up and I can't stand it!

Britney said...

I'm loving this, aren't you? It's fresh, fun, and exciting! I normally don't 'love' those changes (Chanel anyone?) but this is great! :D


lil-bit-me said...

i agree with britney!! oh and the make-up section recently just came back again [[thanks the lord!!!!]]

Hottie-Roshe said...

i really like it. its so much more easier to use and just better haa! my only problem is that it freezes my laptop a bit but other than that.. i really like it!

hottie-roshe x

Anonymous said...

Yea I went there today and It looks SO different! But I was checking the tabs out, and they have the beauty section again! HOORAY! So it's good that its back, no need to worry anymore :) But I like the new Plaza, its funky-fresh and very chic. x