Saturday, May 29, 2010

1..2..3...TADA!! Here it comes!

Hey there! after a bunch of busy weeks, where i couldn't do much, I decided to open the blog without the usual ceremony, and start blogging naturally! So to make it up to you, I decided to do two competitions with a reward of 50sd each! So the first, you see the inspiration of the day! you have to make an outfit (in your album, so you can use items more than once) that looks exactly as that one, or inspired from it! You printscreen it, put it on and post the link here in the comments with your username. The second, is creating a scenery where you express yourself freely, you printscreen it, put it in and post the link in a comment with a user name or if you want create it in the club SD_ Trendsetters More posts are coming later!!and don't forget to join the club and to follow the blog, only one minute to do that and a lot of joy for us ;) Another competition coming soon for the commenters! xx Heidi


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1st comp

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