Saturday, June 5, 2010

Her beauty style!

Hey there! lovely readers!
This a new section in this blog, it's about the beautiful ladies of Stardoll, their looks and make up style.
We will begin with the one and only, Mary (writemarycat), she doesn't need any presentation, as you all know her, love her or hate her, but we all must admit one thing, that apart from her graphic and photography skills, she's an as in making her medoll's look unique and elegant, everytime, I visited her, her look was absolutely perfecto!
So I decided to do case study (lol) and here are some of the looks that are just speechless!
This is the last look, that have been seen on her, she used the smoky eyes technique, with a condensed black eye shadow around the eye, and a light pink that we can call nude. Accentuating the cheeks is an essential thing for Mary, she uses a brown blush on the back of the cheeks to give them a nice form and volume. The lips technique is just so clever, she painted her lips with a blush pink lipstick and the inside with the black one.
Here also the eyes are surrounded of black, but combined with a brownish color on the orner, the lips, same technique, but using lighter color as brown, or dirty pink.
Sublime and stunning, all the work is on the yes and the cheeks, the lips are left nude. Again black around the eye, but contrasted with white in the corner.

Always, beautiful, with blue gray around the eye!

That was it! I hope you like it!