Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to get a Good hair

Heyo Trendsetters. I haven’t post in a long time. Yeah sorry, I know but tomorrow I will be living for vacations. I’ll be in Spain for a week so I won’t be writing here for a week. Don’t worry because I have this one more post for you. I’m going to talk about: -Hair. I PROMISE you will like this post. It’s about how you can get a chic hair. First choose the hair. This one is my personally favorite. It’s bold. I recommend you to use it. Paint it in a red color. Then give it some eye lights. Not much it just needs to stand out a little bit. Don’t exaggerate. The color I use is in the red circle. Now put your make-up on. That’s mine and that what I use on red. That’s what you get at the end.