Monday, May 4, 2009

Stardoll Designing O:

Hello stranger [;
Yes, it has been a few days since we have posted but every blog has their slow days, yes? Anywho, I was realizing that the amount of stardoll fashion designers are increasing so I decided to create some of my own (terribly suckish, incredibly bad) designs. These are the first designs i've ever made. Try to look past the horrific design and look behind the design at the hard, dedicated work, muaha! Okay, they suck, no need to rub it in my face.. Practice makes perfect, right. Anywho, anyone who designs or wants to give designing ago, tell us in a comment and maybe even leave a link to one of your designs! PS. before anyone asks, I don't use photoshop, I use paint which is a free programme with most laptops/computers. ALSO: Stardoll Weekly is done and ready to be published, we're just finishing the interview with our covergirl and we have some surprises for you all which we will be posting sometime this week including a big raffle! Comment with ideas for prizes (think BIG BIG BIG.)


MadWorld said...

those designs are great for your first goes. and for the raffle def. some giftcodes (i need to become superstar) and maybe some rares and small gifts. and the chance to become manager of some clubs, feature in the blog or something. they're should be lots of prizes lol.

Babyee Bee said...

Fabby designs, Marie! If you think that they are bad, you should see my attempt of virtual designing, rolf!

Ive never thought of designing, apart from once but i sucked so i quit, lol!

And the raffle (if you want us to think BIG BIG BIG) then..

- Giftcodes/Superstar codes
- Old dkny/hotbuys/RC
- Feature/interview/photoshoot on the blog
- Gifts
- Chance to be manager for clubs
- Chance to write for the blog

sound good?

Anonymous said...

tha designz r okai buh nufin compard to designzers lik mario

Babii-Mariex said...

Anonymous, oviously im nothing compared to mario, have you seen my designs? bahahahha. Plus, thanks everyone for the ideas for the raffle and your nice comments about my designs (even though they suck).

MissDiorFashion said...

Pretty awesome for your first try!

Serena. said...

i think the black dress is really cute and the bluey-purple one is very cool looking. if you can do that on paint you'll be a well good designer on photoshop. ever thought of getting it?

CapriCookie said...

I like the Twiggy doll better. It's awesome that you can use a FREE, ALL-AROUND, COMES-WITH-EVERY-COMPUTER program and create THAT! It just shows that you ARE creative! =)

B.T.W. How can you become a Covergirl for Stardoll Weekly?


Stardolls Top Designers said...

First trys are awesome!

I made a few things! well sort of, check em out here:

and some stuff i made in stardesign:

Halmonkey3 said...

I actually love the Ocean Avant one Marie!

Nojarama said...

The second is definately better, how long did it take you?

Babii-Mariex said...

Thanks everyone [:

Capricookie - The covergirl is choosen by me but we may hold a competition for the covergirl sometime.

Stardolls top designers - Wow, those designs are amazing!

Nojarama - It took me about 5 minutes, its not hard. Maybe i'll make some more and put more time into it.

Anonymous said...


Babii-Mariex said...

Yeah, I agree anonymous but you don't know anything until you try, right? :D

coolsista said...

i love the big bow on the first one and the second dress is really great especially for your first go!!

Sophie said...

Marie,for the first time its great! Absolotely stunning!
I love the bow in Sasha,its amazing! So HAUTE!

♥Cleopatra♥ said...

I think that your designs are very interesting and original...Ihave made some tries with paint too---> !

amelia321 said...

I love the designs! You are great marie! Don't listen to anonymous comments, they're just jealous that you can design better stuff that them =].

Well for the raffle I would give:
-A chance to be covergirl or writer for stardoll weekly.
-A post about them on the blog.
-A guest post on the blog.
-A superstar code worth a lot of money.
-Some old Dkny/hotbuys/RC/Elizabeth & james
-A place in Pulse Models.
-Gets to be a judge for any upcoming competitions.
-A scenery starring them on the sd-trendsetters club.

Amelia :)