Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eternity Magazine August Review.

With a cover that looks this good, it's bound to be amazing!
This is how this amazing cover came to my eyes.. I was waiting at the realease party, waiting for Mary to say it's ready. While waiting there was dancing, drinking and talks of everything from make-up to the latest Batman movie! It was great fun and i think almost everyone was there. When Mary finally told us all it was ready I hurried to the site, and in record time! I looked at the cover and i automatically new this was going to be a great issue! The beautiful Ashwy (TheBlack.Secret) just looked amazing on the cover wearing one of my favourite Vivienne Tam dresses and with the most beautiful hair i have seen on any Eternity cover! I scrolled down the site and began to read articles, interviews and looking at amazing graphics. I throughly enjoyed reading Ashwy's interview and the graphics were just fabulous! The perfect look article, once again was perfect and the finished look was just beautiful. I loved the article about Wear As MK & Ashley Cheap and it was such an amazing idea, applaud to however thought of it. The trend report was very well written and i really enjoyed reading it. The Look-a-like real star was brilliant once again! The clean up article was a fabulous article written by the fabulous Mary Walkerson and it should really help alot of people (including myself.) The Mydoll section starred Gemma_W, a kind, beautiful and elegant stardoll member and i enjoyed her interview. I was surprised at the Some Stuff section of the magazine as our blog was featured (Wow! thanks!!) Overall the August issue of Eternity Magazine was simply amazing, and i think it deserves an arround of applause *Claps* Mary and her team have done it again.. outstanding cover and covergirl, fantastic articles, interesting and enjoyable interviews, amazing graphics and brilliant magazine.
Visit Eternity Magazine by clicking here. You won't regret it, believe me!
Eternity, Your Simply The Best!


Britnay222 said...

omg i loveeee eternity soooooo much!!!!!!!! they do such a great job!!!!! greattt revieww btw!!!!!

Angeliiicaaa__ said...

I'm glad you liked it (:

thats.her* said...

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it (:

& hope you all had fun at the release party.

Anonymous said...

Its cool but i am a bit dissapointed with the articles the previous ones were much better.

Heidi-di said...

Great cover!
Great issue!
Great party!
Eternity have it all!!
and also great review Marie!!haha

writemarycat said...

thanks very much!

HITS Magazine said...

very well written review we could do with a writer like that for our magazine! i'll contact you through stardoll mail.

SD-BeautyPagent said...

eternity magazine is fabulous. also that review was brilliantly written girls. why not visit my blog and you may even get a writing job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for enjoying my interview and I'm glad you thought I looked lovely! Eternity is such a great mag and i'm honored to be featured!

Love, Ashwy