Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honey, I'm Home! (:

Hello everyone! I'm back and ready to write. As you may know it was my birthday just a few days ago. I had a party at my house, then we went out and then we went on a 3 day trip which was mostly spent shopping haha! I had so much fun and it was defiantly worth going! Anyway i'm back again and i've been looking around stardoll and the sale is here already (OMG) Not that i mind haha :P
I'll see you later with a new post (:
Marie ox


SD-BeautyPagent said...

glad ya back! missed ya loads hun! bet ya mail box is packed lol!

Anonymous said...


your party souunds like it rocked. i wish my mum and dad would let me have a party like that. all i do for my bday is ........ a bday cake and family over and if im lucky a few friends!!!!!!!! its good your back you were missed by loads.. including meh!

- amelia

Heidi-di said...

welcome back!!
i missed you so much!

hottie-roshe said...

Your party rocked :D I would say i missed you accept for the fact i was with you lol. x

Britney ox said...

i missed you!

honey, its good your home