Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inspired Looks

Hello everyone
it's Heidi in tha place!and today,i'm coming up with some inspired look!inspired from what??you might ask.....well you'll see!
The first look is inspired!the fruit not the brand!i was eating mango when bingo!!let's make a mango eyes make up!!first,display the jumbo eyepencil flesh on the interior half of the eye,display many layers of the eye shadow pearl n°3,then some black masacara,and the green eyeliner!!and here you go with your delicious mango eyes!keep your lips natural,there's laready too much colors on the eyes.
To the second!this one is inspired by the new wave that is invasing stardoll this week:Back to School.Display the white eyeshadow on all the eyelid,then the jumbo eyepencil blue from the lashes part.put on some masacara,a white eyepencil on the corner of the eye,a cherrysh lipstick and put on some school-ish accessories as the headband,apple earings or even the new glasses!!Ready for school?...Duhh
Now,and finally the third,and because i know you love high fashion,luxe,extravagance and designers creations,i decided to create on my medoll,one of the looks that Christian Dior showed on Paris Fashion Week-Winter2009.
Mine is only inspired,not look a like,neither similar.To get it,display lot of white eyeshadow on all the contour of the eyes,draw a line in the limit of the eye with the jumbo eyepencil beige(it shld be brown,but stardoll don't have one) then play with black and brown eyeliners,and add some mascara and a touch of lipstick.
I love the CD original look,it's so fierce!!
that's all for now Ciao!


Rita said...

mango ones are cool!

SD-BeautyPagent said...

great post! i love them all especially the last one! so stylish! it looks wild.. yet elegant! which is one awesome look!!


lil-bit-me said...

fab post! youve helped me soo much with my make up!

join club trendsettersfan << fan club for this amazing blog!!!!


thereviewer said...

Excellent Post. You Should Really Help Out With Magazines Make-Up Sections. Yours Is Alot Better Than The So Called ''Professionals''

Fantastic Job!

Dramagyrl2 said...

Hey Heidi
how did you get those pics of you with the make-up on you in sephora?
I tried to copy and paste but it only said Settings... and something about adobe reader9?