Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Medoll Memoires: Noelle&Isabella

Today i was visiting blogs, when i found a new blog by Isabella and having as a partner the marvellous noelle_page. Being a fervent fan of Isabella.Arci and extremely curious, i ran to the website where i found the picture above! Isabella and Noelle are preparing a project called "Medoll Mémoires", it's quite mysterious but I'm sure that those two brilliant talented fashionistas will come up with a merveille and as you see the graphics are oh la la uber fascinating!
I can't wait to see it and as it says in the blog of the fabulous femmes dangereuses [As the ladies describes themselves] it is very soon.
Take a closer look at their blog by clicking on this link: or here.


Hottie-Roshe said...

noelle and isabella are my idols!
im on my way to see it now.
thanks soo much for letting me know


Dora said...

Oh I saw it 2 days ago, I am really looking forward to it and wondering what it is!

And just to tell you, those two girls in dresses are most likely made in the computer game 'The Sims 2', I think so (probably they are) :D

Regina said...

ohh it looks so fabulous. i just visited the site... fabuloussa!

i wounder what it is...

also dora, i have the sims 2 and i could never do that lol.

Heidi-di said...

no dora i don't think it's made in "The Sims 2" the facial and body features are different more 3D kind!while here it's more 2D!
and the 2 girls in dresses are isabella and noelle!wow fabulous dresses so haute couture with a latino touch,j'adore!!

Babii-Mariex said...

Their blog hasn't even started yet and i am already a massive fan haha!

I was talking to Isabella and Noelle today and they told me they are targetting for the blog to realease on the 1st October before having a formal realease as they are still doing graphics and articles, which is hard work as most of us know.

I can not wait to see what thes$e two talented ladies come up with.

-- Marie. ox

writemarycat said...

hehe, I helped Isabella with one picture for it gew month ago! :D
So, I knew it

Dora said...

Heidi, I have no idea, I just assumed! :D

Well Sims 2 is kind of 3D..Lol.
I could do that, with custom content and photoshop..Haha! :D

But I really cannot wait for the blog! :D