Monday, August 25, 2008

New Hotbuys!

Hello everyone. Yes, the new hotbuys are out and guess what? The Stardoll staff have woken up! They have defiantly improved from the last few months and i really like them.
My Favourites:
I really like the dresses this month. The black bow dress is so cute and petite yet chic! I bet it will be great for layering and looks perfect for a cocktail party with friends. The longer black dress is so creative and fun. I will be defiantly buying it, personally i think it looks fab!
My least favorites:
The shade of the hair dye really let me down this month, but i must say it is alot better than last month's.
Overall Review:
Overall i really like the hotbuys this month. They have defiantly improved from last month, don't you think? But they can be alot better. A little more work from the stardoll staff could improve the hotbuys even more.
I guessed..
Correctly! Yes, as you may know from my previous post on hotbuys i guessed that the black bow dress would be knee length with a bow at the top which is correct. Also i said that the black/white bag would be circular... i guess correctly. Ah, i'm so proud haha.
In this month's hotbuys stardoll put in alot of designer items. Did they do this so more people would buy it due to the big failure last month? A YSL jacket, Chloe shoes and a Burberry Prorsum necklace.
Next Post.
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Hottie-Roshe said...

i love the hotbuys this month! they're really nice especially the dresses! gorgeous!!

also well done on guessing right miss physic!! lol

love ya blog,
roisin (hottie-roshe)


Regina said...

I Think they are alot better than last months and mean ALOT better haha!

I Love the dresses aswell and i love the boots!

Diamond.Beauty said...

Yes, I love both dresses too

But also the purple jacket- has a Kate Moss look to it because of the puffed sleeve and cuffs.

I hope they're not superstar!

lil-bit-me said...

i agree with you. stardoll thinks they can buy us off with designer stuff.. but they kinda can! im a fool for designer stuff!!

good post maire! keep up da gd work.