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Exclusive Interview With Isabella.Arci

Hello Isabella. You Are A Style Icon On Stardoll And Most Defiantly A Trendsetter. Is There Any Person/Thing That Inspires You To Create Outfits Or Is It Your Own Creativity ?
HI Marie! Thank you for the generous compliments! I must've done something really good to deserve this, no?There are a lot of things that inspire me. The 5am sunrise, a sudden gush of infatuation, a resounding beat from myiPod. It could be just anything, but it all boils down to emotions. I think it is how I respond to a certain aesthetic that inspires my mood, how I create & why I do such.
Your outfits are always briliantly created. I don't think anyone has seen you in a plain outfit, you always make your outfits so exciting. You are very well known for your amazing layering skills. How do you know what to layer and how do you make it look so good?
When I first started here in Stardoll, everything was very basic yet interesting. And putting a simple shirt with aprinted skirt just seemed so plain for me. So I experimented on layering on multiple printed skirts & voila! It seemed like a a whole piece! It started from there until I began trying with solid colours on different patterns.The tricky part there is, the end result should look seamless. The layering shouldn't be too obvious so that the dress would look like it was originally made as a single dress.There are many factors to consider when layering. Colours should complement each other, prints should match & eventhe quality of the virtual dress should at least strike closely to the other layers you want to stitch into. Yes, it is a tedious process but it is very overwhelming in the end! I find myself trying out a gazillion combinations before I even get satisfied. This entire experience is one of the many things that makes my playinghere at Stardoll truly rewarding.
It sounds like you put alot of work into your outfits on stardoll. In reality what kind of clothes do you wear andwhat would you call your style?
Ah, very diverse when it comes to clothes. There would be times that I'd be in just jeans & a shirt. On other days, skirts. If I see something I like, I buy it. I really don't care if it is branded or not. For as long as the quality & the cut are potentially wearable & girly, I have to HAVE IT! Haha! Am just a simple girl who likes beautiful things. It's a different story with shoes, accessories, jewelries & leather goods. Those I really value & save up for. I only buy the classic designs & patterns like the LV Monogram, Gucci green & red stripes with the beige/ebony GG & Prada Logo Jacquard . And of course, Paul Smith's classic swirl. If it isn't my birthday, it takes time to save up for a piece that I have set my eyes on but owning it is all worth the wait. It's a true test of patience! Haha. Reason why I collect these is because they never ever go out of style. And like wine, they are better through time!Jewelries are mostly gifts from parents. Bulgari & Tiffany. And they had all of them engraved with my initials on it. I really treasure these because it will become an heirloom someday which I will pass it on when I have a daughter.Trivia: I smell the leather before I buy it & I clean my jewelry every night before I go to sleep.
It sounds like you are very fashionable. We now know all about your style, tell us abit about your past times and hobbies.
I've been told that I was already doodling at age 2. I spend a lot of time making sketches & painting. I am also inclined to designing interiors. yes, I'm a frustrated interior designer, so I guess that will be my next endeavor after I finish my internship here in New York.I also love to experiment with cuisine. Haute cuisine & plating. I always try to challenge myself with an assortment of spices & wild ingredients, how they would complement each other & how they would be presented well on a plate. It's all about design, I believe. Be it interiors, cuisine plating or simply dressing up, I just find satisfaction in designing.I also love to sing. Growing up with musically inclined parents have somehow influenced me to love music. Cheesy as it may seem, but my friends & I would belt out songs for hours in a videoke machine! Haha! Sooo much fun!
You say you live in New York. What is the city life like? What do you like about it and what do you dislike about it?
I am currently based in New York since this is where I've chosen to do my internship. The city life is busy. Extremely chaotic! Everybody seems to be stressed with their daily routines. Don't get me wrong, I HEART NY because of all the sights to see, the diversity of people & the excitement of just being trained here by most of the top chefs is inexplainable.BUT! I'd rather have a simple life in Manila where everything is laid back, stress-free & the sunsets are always breath-taking.
Manila sounds like a beautiful place. Do you plan to move back to Manila after your internship? And what are your plans for the future?
My goal is building up my Curriculum Vitae. I am planning to gain more experience with the best mentors who are selflessly sharing their vast knowledge of the industry.While I am still young & healthy, I want to accomplish things that I've set my goals on. Haha, I may sound nerdy but I just have a strong focus on my priorities with my moral fibers still intact.I don't take my education for granted. When fame, fortune & friends are taken away from you, you still have your brains to count on. And no one can ever take that away from anybody. That is your strongest ammunition AND the best gift that any parent can impart to any child.I miss Manila! Definitely, I will be going back to Manila after this internship before I start cooking again. I badly need a break! And a gorgeous tan!
You defiantly have a bright future ahead of you Isabella! If there was one thing you wanted everyone to know about you, what would it be?
I just want everybody to know me very well before tossing out judgments because some of the things being said about me are either over-hyped, fabricated or just plain false.In this virtual website such as Stardoll, there is still a human being behind every MeDoll who has emotions. We all get affected by comments thrown to us especially if they attack us on a personal level. On the other hand, we all get overwhelmed if people regard us in a very positive manner. I am just like any other girl who finds joy in dressing up my MeDoll, remixing furniture pieces in my suite, exchanging a sensible conversation with really good friends & enjoying just about anything that Stardoll has to offer.Stardoll is a FAB site! Let's keep it that way.
Yes! To finish off this interview I have 2 simple but meaningful questions to ask. Who is your role model and why? Also what is your favourite thing about stardoll and why?
Charlie’s Angels hands down! Old & new. In a male-dominated world, these 3 heroines were showcased as being more than just lovely decorations on television. These women had fierce personalities, were incredibly witty & intelligent, physically fit & strong, & of course, extremely beautiful. And could kick ass without breaking into a sweat! Where can you see anyone solve crime with just a mere wink or a flip of the hair?I love how a simple way of dressing a MeDoll or putting on make-up can bring endless happiness to any little girl. And whatever age we may be, be it 13 or 30, we still have this inner child inside of us. And Stardoll keeps that alive in all of us.
Thank You Isabella For The Interview And We Will Chat To You Very Soon :)
This is one of the most interesting interviews I had! Truly, I am honoured to have done this with you! I am a big fan of your blog, Stardoll Trendsetters & I wish you all the best!
During this fun filled interview with the lovely Isabella i got to know her even more. Isabella is such a sweet girl with great talent. She is also very supportive and is such a loyal friend. She knows what is what when it comes to the things she loves. Isabella is a one of a kind girl with an extremely friendly personality. It is defiantly worth while getting to know a girl like Isabella!


Britney ox said...

wowzaa! that interview was probs tha most interesting interview i have EVER read! it really had meh glued! isabella is so ahmazin and so is your blog! best interview so far dat i av ever read! keep up da gr8 wrrk!!

brit xxxxxx

SD-BeautyPagent said...

BRILLIANT interview.

ISABELLA.ARCI = Perfect interviewee
BABII-MARIEX = Perfect interviewer

BOTH = Amazin interview



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Wow i adore,we got to know so much about Isabella!!
thank you Marie and Isabella for this incredible interview!!

Isabella.Arci said...

I should be the one thanking you wonderful ladies for choosing me to do this interview!

As I've told Marie, this is one of the best & most interesting interviews I've had!

You are just GREAT!

Again, I am overwhelmingly grateful to SD Trendsetters for giving me this opportunity!



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impressive interview. i really enjoyed it.