Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Kicks Off!

After a busy New Year, I finally got some time to get on the computer. As I flicked through blogs and of course, on stardoll I realized that 2009 has had a kick start of drama! You know, I had a feeling that 2009 would be a year of peace.. But hey, I was wrong.
People are always like.. Ughh, Stop the drama!
But, come on! I know you all secretly or publicly loveee it!
Without all this drama stardoll would just be a simple dolly site and how boring would that be ?
Moving on, make way for the new DKNY.
As I went to see if I could snatch some more DKNY in the sale I realized that the sale was over and that all the DKNY had left the starplaza.
I can't wait for the new collection, I have been waiting for so long.
I hope it will be as gorgeous as the free New Years dress which we got.
Now, Our new writers will start very soon (I can't wait) and Heidi will be returning soon (I defiantly can't wait.) So, very soon our blog will start the New Year with a bang!
One whole year of STARDOLL TRENDSETTERS, Woo!
Anyone thinking of a celebration for Stardoll Trendsetter's anniversaire ?
That's all the updates for now.
Another post coming fairly soon (:
What's your opinion on the drama ?
What do you think the new DKNY collection will be ?
Anything else to say ?
Just Comment (:


Hottie-Roshe said...

The drama keeps us entertained but gladly some of the drama has cleared up.

As for the DKNY.. wooo! I can't wait for the new collection, i have a feeling it will be great.

Oh and I can't wait to see heidi and the new writers again.

yasas10 said...

All the gossip is entertaining but still very confusing.

MadWorld said...

i bet the DKNY newest collection will be the best yet.

torangle said...

i loved the free dkny dress for new years!! and i hope the new collektion will be as good as that dress!!

Anonymous said...


Regina said...

hey. i love dkny and i hope stardoll keeps us happy with the new collection or there will be rows, lol!

Sarah said...

♥ drama, Stardoll would be way boring without it, although people can really over-do it sometimes.
I believe the new DKNY collection is gonna be good, the last one was kind of bland.

Lizzi_95 said...

That's true, Stardoll would be
kind of boring without any drama.
Yes, I am soo looking forward for the DKNY collection! Can't wait.


Annabop2 said...


sirenintheshadows said...

Drama, drama...
I hope it will end soon, I'm getting tired of all this gossip etc.

The new DKNY: Can't wait!
I hope the collection will be fabulous.