Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glamour1 - The Project Begins!

The lovely Lindsey (Glamour1) has had many projects on stardoll. Now, she has a brand new project to show to the whole of stardoll... Revival Archives!
Lindsey kindly offered to give us an interview on her new project and to tell us all about it.
Marie: Hi Lindsey. Why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself ?
Lindsey: Hi, Marie, and all of you readers! Well, I live in the USA, my name is of course, Lindsey. I first of all LOVE fashion, it is my first love haha! I actually prefer style over fashion, because style is more personal, and portrays you. I also love to be with my friends just having a good time...I am all about having a good time and enjoying life! My catch phrase is definately "Woohoo!".
Marie: Haha! You sound like a great person. Now, tell us about this new project you are holding on stardoll.
Lindsey: Thank you. Okay, well I would like to start first by saying I am getting tons of help from my good friend angelz43, she has been super helpful! She is a co-owner. Now, we wanted to do something unique, but very helpful and useful, thus as born, Revival Archives! We are going to record anything from big Stardoll events to Stardoll business closings! We think that this will help people maybe even sort out problems they have been having with friends! They can get the real facts! We will dig them out of our archives...nothing but the pure truth!
Marie: Tell us more!
Lindsey: Well, it is basically a HUGE archival system. We store accurate info, so people won't be persuaded by lies told by the tabloids and the press. We want everyone to be supplied with acccurate and correct info! Our goal is just to keep records, and so we can all look back on the real events in a few years and remember today.
Marie: Wow, Smart! What made you come up with this great idea ?
Lindsey: You know, I thought about it a LONG time ago when I started a directory with Gina, but it never really took off, but I just thought about it again the other day. I plan on it being operated by anywhere from 50 to 200 Stardoll members who will help us find information, record it, and then finally store it.
Marie: This project must take alot of work! When are you planning to begin the project and from what date will you start recording dates ?
Lindsey: Well it is already started. We are hoping by atlast February. But currently that is not my main focus...
Marie: Great! Now, tell us, where will all these dates be stored ?
Lindsey: We have created a website solely for storing all of our archives at, for a while we will probably keep the name private, but we will be glad to share what information is stored there, and eventually, once it has expanded, we will publicly announce the web address.
Marie: I'm excited already! Before we finish the interview, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about the project ?
Lindsey: No, not really. But can I just add that if you are looking for a new Stardoll magazine that is of good quality, check out Lindsay Brook and I's new magazine, RevivalMagazine!
Marie: Okay! Thanks for the interview and we can't wait to see the project up and running!
Lindsey: You're welcome! And thank you!


Paris.Freche said...

Sounds good but I hope it lasts. I never know to believe or not to believe the tabloids so this should help, alot.

MissDiorFashion said...

Wow, that is actually a really good idea!

MadWorld said...


Serena. said...

Nice interview! loved it and the magazine and archives sound good.. i wish you all the luck, lindey!

Anonymous said...

I hope it goes well, it is a good idea but alot of hard work. And the magazine sounds great too. :D

Anonymous said...

Likedd the interview btw XD

coolsista said...

Sounds like fun =] The whole idea sounds good to me because alot of blogs lie about gossip stories and if we had this.. it would solve all our problems!!

Regina said...

Sounds like a really good idea!