Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Antidote VS Limited Edition

Stardoll, stardoll, on the web.. Who's the fairest limited brand of them all ?
Yes, that's right. It's time to see.. the ultimate Limited Brand.
So, Im going to ask 10 people which is their favourite, then, you can comment tell us your my favourite and remember to vote in the poll as it will reveal the ultimate winner and when the poll is closed, I will reveal the best limited brand!
Bluegreen86 - I personally like LE more. Although Antidote has more of a signature style and has both interior items and clothing items (not to mention clothes for boys and girls) I like LE items more because they are alot more versatile and more limited. The most limited item in Antidote was around 500 items but in the first season of LE it was about half of that. Although the items are a lot more expensive in LE, I think the items are items I could wear a lot more compared to the antidote items. I do love both though, especially since Antidote is affordable!
Starszn - Antidote for sure. Its cheaper more up to date and veryy cute! Its also very real life like. And thats something I can picture myself wearing in real life. Plus its superr hot! And LE is just stardoll's way of making cheap high fashion, which is bleh! :]
Missdiorfashion - Ouch! This is a tough one. Limited Edition's first collection was fierce while the second was more cute while Antidote is so edgy and so much more my style! I have to say Antidote, the reasons being it's more my style, it's not ridiculously overpriced, it has clothing for females and males, if sells not only clothes but paintings and so much more. It's an overall winner, haha!
Halmonkey3 - I prefered LE only because you could easily dress it down or up. There were a lot of classy looks in LE, but in Antidote, it was only the Urban Chic looks. Even though LE was a bit more expensive, I found that it was better quality than Antidote.
Arna-rut - Defenetly LE, it contained better clothing items, Despite the prize difference LE stands out in this.
To_Royal - I prefer Antidote! It is so interesting and has a retro flare to it, reminds me of the 90's really, and I love that decade.
N1mka4eva - I like LE because its more extravagant, and more expensive so not as many people are able to buy them, more limited!
Yasas10 - Well... those 2 brands are both hot, limited and expensive. I love Antidote's Tee's, but not much more. I guess I prefer LE - The clothes are extra special.
TatCinderella - I think Antidote is better because it is much cheaper, also I've seen the items the Antidote brand had on some blogs and J'adored the grey top with the sunglasses. Also for Antidote hey sold posters etc which you can decorate you're suite with, but with LE that didn't happen.
Fashion.Fantasy - I prefer Antidote, because it is a limited edition that is still affordable, unlike the LE. And I also like some of the Antidote clothing more because they are more fun looking, LE is so serious and high fashioned and we dont always need that.
So, that is their opinions, now, tell us yours! Tell us in a comment and remember to vote in the poll, it will reveal the ultimate brand!
*A special thankiess to Ruxandra aka boowow_1998 for this post's wonderful banner!


MadWorld said...

Antidote defiantly, main reason being affordable and clothes for males. :D

Dora said...

Antidote, fosho.

YaelAlon said...

I like Limited Edition more, its more high fashion and sophisticated, and Antidote looks a bit cheap in my opinion (excapt some specific pieces).

BandiaKat said...

Of course Antidote, so creative and original, unlike LE so expensive, it was pretty but yet predictable.
So Viva Antidote

Bella James. said...

Hm, It's a though choice. I would prefer the first season of LE, but it was so expencive! I would say Antidote because it's affordable, but only a few of the items was really good. So, I would call it even :)

xoxo (x.vero.x)

Anonymous said...

I like Antidote more. It's more unique and not as expensive.. It's something I'd rather wear. It's more school/streetish. LE is also amazing, just so overprized, and it's also too high-fashion for me.

MissDiorFashion said...

Thanks for using my opinion on the post, it means alot. I love both Antidote and LE but Antidote is more edgy, more me :)

Paris.Freche said...

Limited Edition defiantly. More classy and stylish!

Burdz said...

limited edition is kate moss.
antidote is agyness deyn.

both unique in their own way but one is always better than the other in something!

Roxy (Roksy_funnycat) said...

I prefer ANTIDOTE it`s really great. But LE is more exclusive and expensive and limited. I like both one for cheaper prizez another for it`s style.
i think 50/50.
xoxo Roxy

AngelRuxxy said...

Antidote :D

Undamyumbrellla said...


Dei* said...
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Dei* said...



Beverly said...


John said...

LE. (First Collection).

ANTIDOTE (All clothes)

Mrs_Gomes said...

I like both as they're so different but I lean more towards L.E, the first collection I absolutely hated at first but when I saw it on my medoll I had a change of heart :P

Mikel. said...

Antidote It Wasnt the best But what can we say this is the only first seasona and stardoll is sure too get better so give it a chance... and L.E isnt werth spending 100$ just for some pixelized clothing right?

Anonymous said...

First season LE was less expensive than second plus a lot more limited,like some items (eg motorcycle jacket) was limited to 100 pieces, LE is class... Antidote is more edgey
I personally prefer the LE first collection...I just hope it will be available to buy in bazar soon

TatCinderella said...


gyrgyr said...

I prefer LE!

maria_nl said...

That bitch starzn has no idea what shes talking about.

REAL maria_nl said...



Anonymous said...

i like le more than antidote unfortunately i have never bought any of the itms as when i have noticed them its too late :( but the antidote collection i did get a chance but never bought becos nothing seemed to catch my eye i only pay large amounts of money on things that are special and antidote isnt but le is. i love how le has really sparkly and girly think too these are things i look for

ADJAJA/Anna said...


LE is constantly elegant, except for this latest more edgy collection.

Antidote is very unique and badass.

I would have to say LE, because I'm glad they recently have started to make more edgy outfits, but I also like the elite items.

Anonymous said...

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