Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Talk.

Hey everyone. Im really bored right now and I decided to post but as you all probably know, stardoll doesn't have much to post about atm apart from the whole hacking thing which is way over-written about.. But it's better to be safe than sorry! So, I had this idea for a new section for the blog which is just for fun, you know ?
Well, It lets us hear what you have to say. Me and my friends were asking each other what is the worst advice we had ever been given and it was soo funny to hear some of the things so I thought I would give a change to the blog and let you all speak out instead of us and I might even feature the best, just for fun!
This week's Sweet Talk is:
What is the worst advice you have ever been given.
Tell us in a comment!
Coming later this week: TrendLounge party, SD-Trendsetter's big fashion surprise, A BIG competition, Your chance to have your article featured in the Big book of Fashion, Get the looks and many more posts!


Paris.Freche said...

well, i havent been given bad advice but my dad was told to wear a swimming cap to keep his hair clean in the pool..... and he's bald lol!!

MissDiorFashion said...

paris.freche.. lmao!!

I had the cold this one time and my friend told me to put veet (thing you smell to unclog your nose when u have the cold) in the bath with me and i put it in and it was all sticky and gross and made everything worse!

- Lady F said...

i was told to dance when i needed to use the toliet, trust me, not good advice. Lol!

MadWorld said...

my teacher told me that running 30 minutes a day is good for you. i ran 30 minutes a day for ONE day only and i went over my ankle!

Anonymous said...

lol these are all so funny

Britney ox said...

My Parents Thought It Was A Good Idea For Me To Make Dinner For The Family And That Is What I Did But I Ended Up Giving Them Food Poisoning Because The Chicken Wasn't Cooked Properly. It Was Only Mild Poisoning But Everyone Was Sick For 2 Weeks! I Won't Be Cooking Again!!

danceronice1 said...

my friends told me that the french test was going to be easy and i didnt need to revise. i didnt revise and got a D! thats pretty bad advice!

Yasas10 said...


Worst advice... Well, my PE teacher told the class to practice jogging on the spot only for 5 minutes. So I turned on my stereo and started jumping to the beat. Twirls, twists... you name them, I did them. Only, the next day... I couldn't move or laugh without having this pain at my side! Ouch.

Cheergrl181 said...

Hmmm...worst advice would be when my best friend told me to use all my force to squeeze out some paint in art class because the paint was clogged. But when I did that, it squirted all over me-my clothes, and my hair haha. It was a little weird since I was the all the way at the side of the paint bottle, knowing that it will squirt in the direction the nozzle was, but nope! The nozzle was broken and so it squirted out paint in weird directions and it hit me. Haha :P. This happened twice since this time, I moved to another direction so that I wont get paint on me this time, nope! Happened to me again after I cleaned up.

As much as I hate washing my clothes and hair for two days, it was funny now that I think of it. I'm so dumb :P

_M_A_D_1234 said...

"Eat up your food, there are children dying in africa."

I HAVE to say that is the crappest piece of advice i have ever been given.

Yeah that's really gonna make me wanna eat.
Cant eat your greens? think of children dying in africa.
*end of advertisement*

And before you say its because otherwise its a waste, If i eat up my food isnt there less food for children dying in africa?