Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Lucky 50!

As a proud sponsor (blog) and a judge of Fabuleux Icone, you will be hearing all the latest updates, details, reviews and much more right here, at SD-Trendsetters! Incase you didn't know, Fabuleux Icone is a brand new, giant competition on stardoll, kind of like the Miss world competition and the prizes are amazing. Here is just some of the prizes: A feature in The Big Book Of Fashion, To be in the stardoll A list, to be featured in the official stardoll magazine and much more! If i wasn't a judge, I would have entered as soon as it opened, haha!
Mary recently posted 6 of the lucky 30 girls who will take part in the competition (tour one) on the official Fabuleux Icone blog (visit it by clicking here) which are:
1. bluegreen86
2. shanelrouge-
3. findurlove
4. MissCunha
5. idilpekel585
6. we3forever
7. j*b*
8. Guaggi
9. cltreanor
10. tinkerbells95
11. starszn
12. amelia321
13. smoothieLove
14. hilaryera
15. saygrace
16. carmenchu11
17. hrvatica_97
18. mimi_mami
19. fayasi
20. .chill.
21. woman-in-white
22. youlovelorie
23. topmedoll
24. chinisua
25. andrushk
26. piemonte_girl
27. MariQueen
28. filipinhamaria
29. rute_xox
30. Varenthika
Congratulations, you all deserve it!
Have you entered Fabuleux Icone ?
What do you think of the whole idea ?
Will it go far ?
All opinion, leave a comment!


MissDiorFashion said...

I entered, but my post didn't appear for some reason :(
Oh well.. there's always the next tour :D

coolsista said...

I entered!!! there is soo many competitors over 600 people signed up and all so prettyy medolls and i dont think i have the chance to take part against them all... i hope i do!! i think the competition will be the biggest on stardoll and it has great prizes, sponsors and judges so it has a great team!! i hope i get in....

Charlieangelsxx said...

It really is a great idea! Congratulations to all the people who got in!

Candy xoxo said...

I have entered on my personal account.

It's a good idea, yes and with the support of stardoll maagzine it's bound to go far, yes. Will the right girls get picked, lets hope!

Britney ox said...

it is such an amazing competition and the prizes are wicked!

Lilla said...

So.. if we write here then we might have a chance? If so... well Im in, and if not, then, whatever ;)

MadWorld said...

I signed up but i don't think i'll get in because im a boy and it's MISS stardoll lol.

and lilla, no, you sign up in the club.

breathless.magazine said...

OMG i can't believ i have been chosen !!!! wow i wasn't expecting that LOL
thanks so much

Peace.Love.Tanya said...

I guess its always "Elite" that are in...

But congratz anywayz, girls ;D

Sarah said...

It's amazing! But I'm soo mad, I missed to enter for just a day! :(

maria_nl said...

starszn is so ugglee

starszn said...

maria_nl, your too nicee,

TopMedoll/KitKat said...

It's obvious who's going to be featured. I wish I had one chance to post in the Stardoll Magazine, like Mary. I'd create a competition that somewhat resembles it- but I would pick different, unique people, not just people who put on a top and call it "fashionable". I could talk about this for hours, but I think there's some sort of limit on how many words you post in one comment. : )
And, maria_nl, that's your opinion- but Stacy is awesome, for your information. You can't change that!

Babii-Mariex said...

Tanya and TopMedoll, I don't know why you are saying 'Elites' as non of those people are 'elites.' Some of them are well known, yes, for being stylish, not for the meaningless word 'Elite.'

And TopMedoll, this competition is chosing unique, stylish people. Name one person in that list who doesn't deserve it.


girliegirlcx said...

the competition is great. The people who got through deserve it.. my bff got in, im so proud of her :D

Hilaryera said...

I'm very excited about the competition and very happy that I'm in x

amelia xx said...

whoever is saying it's just elites who get in and the people who get in just shove on a top and call it fashionable that kinda hurts my feelings 'cause I don't want anyone thinking of me as some boring, high fashion elite just cause I'm one of the 30 very lucky girls to get chosen. I am really happy and grateful to whoever chose me. xoxo

Beverly said...

congratz to everyone who got in you all deserve it

REAL maria_nl said...

i'm maria_nl
and this is not me!
please leave me alone!!! stop creating accounts with my name!
now stardoll is not enough, i'm not a blogger, so that username has got anything to do with me
i'm so mad

i found it out when starzn came to insult me in my gb because of something i haven't done

i'm responsible for the things i write on my stardoll account! only for that, so stop posing me! what will u win?????