Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hackers and Liars - Experience and Tips

(Credit to halmonkey3 for this incredible banner! Thanks so much, I love it!)
You hear of scheming, cruel, horrible hackers alot here on stardoll, but you can never feel the anger and hate until you have been hacked yourself, and this, unfortunately, happened to me today. I will tell you what happened, following by some (hopefully) helpful tips to prevent ever getting hacked.

Everything was fine, chatting to friends, replying to mail and guestbook comments when I recieved a kind offer from a girl named Shannypop. Here is the whole conversation we had:

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, she fooled me big time and I was stupid enough to fall for it. She has stolen, lied and cheated me and probably has not one thing on her concious. It has happened to me once, but will not happen again.


Remember all you hackers, stealing an account on stardoll is like stealing money from someone. They have topped up many times, almost all people on stardoll's suites have cost them over $100 so stealing an account, is as equal as stealing $100+ from someone's pocket. Stealing someone's clothes is almost equal as stealing clothes from a clothing store.. It may not be as expensive, but it is still stealing. Remember this, hackers.. You all are real life theives and I would stop now.

1. If you recieve a mail such as, 'I can get you free stardollars just give me your pass' or something along them lines.. It isn't true!
2. If you believe this person (even though you shouldn't because it is a pile of crap) then, create a new account, keep it non-superstar, dont even buy stuff and give the person the password to that account and you will then see if it works. If it gains no stardollars or becomes hacked, you know it's false. (like it 100% is.)
3. NEVER give out your password to anybody. (Exceptions to 100% trustworthy bffs.)
4. If you are trading or buying off someone with giftcodes, ask some friends or check lists of accounts or clubs to see if the person you are trading or buying off is safe.
5. Be safe, not sorry! Think before you type ;)
Have you ever been hacked ? Have you ever been fooled ? Do you know any hackers/unsafe traders ? Is being hacked/stolen from one of your stardoll fears ? Anything else to say ? Tell us in a comment!


coolsista said...

I feel so bad for you. I would hate to have lost 3 giftcodes! These people are out of hand! So many people are being hacked and stole from.. im soo lucky i havent been hacked yet and i hope i never will be

MissDiorFashion said...

I'll kill that shannyshit.. How dare she steal from my beautiful Marie! I feel so horrible for you, but, your strong, you'll get over it.

Made me a little bit stronger, thanks for making me fighterr - Christina A, Fighter :D

Also, that tip about making another account to check it was a fabby idea!

i hate hackers! said...

I was hacked 3 times all in one year. I was only 10 and belived the stardollar thing and gave my pass easily. I was so stupid! Now i never give my password out. I hated loosing my account, working soo hard to make my other as good and then loosing it again. Ive had my current account for 3 years now so im happy i havent lost it!

MadWorld said...

Hackers, theives, unsafe traders.. all a bunch of no-livers who have to steal off a virtual site to make them happy. Its laughable how pathetic they are

Serena. said...

even when i enlarged the image it was kind of hard to see but i have bad eyesight so it is probably just me but i made out most of it and that girl is a rude rude person!

torangle said...

you should have said:
the giftcode is:
Tehehehe xD

i HATE people who lie, hack, steal .... the list goes on.. >:(

I hope you get yur money back somehow.. :( That girl is such a bitch!

Roxy (Roksy_funnycat) said...

OMG poor Mariee i feel so bad for you. STUPID HACKER!!! I understand if one but three ..... X_x

DeanieGirl2 said...

my best friend hacked me once! :O she pretended to be my bff so she could get my pass and then she stole everything! :(

izzieee said...

fuck dat shannypop.
she should be called fannypop.
every one report her she is steaking real money.
it illegal.

Halmonkey3 said...

Thanks for using my banner Marie! And I hate when people hack like that!

Dora said...

Whattashiz?! I'll kill that biatch, rip her head off and whip it around like a lasso!!

When I'm threw with her, she won't know where's her ass, and where's her head.

Lettie97 said...

OMG! That girl is a downright bitch! I'd do all you can to find out her new account!

I got hacked once. When I was new to Stardoll, I bought superstar for the first time and a "34 year old woman" [notice I used "] asked me if I wanted 600 stardollars and as a newbie, I didn't know any better and said yes. She then asked for my pass and a couple of minutes later I was hacked. Very luckily, my dad got it back, the girl got deleted and everything was back to normal. Now, of course, I'm more aware and I don't even trade.

YaelAlon said...

I'll help Dora with her awsome plan! :D
I've been scammed once. It feels awful!
And Stardoll doesnt help at all. They could give us a safe trading system, and i told them many times about this idea. And guess what? They ignored my messeges!

Baileygirl1212 said...

I've been tricked before too but, not for as much money.

Sorry for your lost.

Raine said...

I am sorry, I was hacked 3 times, once someone guessed my password and then twice I was stupid enough to give it out to someone. But hey it wasn't my main account.
Here is a tip:
Search the person you are trading with on the stardoll friends search bar and mess it up on purpose, then spell it correctly, and it will come up with anything that ha that name on their presentation so you can see if they are on a hacker/scammer list.

arna-rut said...

im so angry right now i could slap my own grandma, but i wont cause my hands are killing me, damn why do i have to be so clumsy and fall on my back all the time

_M_A_D_1234 said...

OMG she is such a bitch (sorry, swearing, i only do that when i'm really angry)
I was hacked twice
weird hacker - it didn't seem to want to use my money on itself, it only didnt want me to have it.
i was SS with around $105
and i was about to log onto my account the next day and my friend Gosia was online (MSN) and she asked me why i had sent her hundreds of presents on SD and i said "I havent" and she said, "yeah you did" and i logged on and i was totally broke :(.
Gosia promised me it wasnt her and i knew it couldnt be cause i hadn't told anyone my pass.
i was nss and i had saved up $22 and i know it doesnt seem like much, but think 22 days.
and they'd spent it on 22 blue tiles and covered me up with them.
Then they hid my DKNY Bike under the 'minishop' icon, so i was really upset and only found it when i went on chat.

:( :( :( :(

I hope you can nail her lol

Anonymous said...

I think you got scammed rather than hacked

Still it sucks though

I hate bitches like that

peace_oglory said...

Have you tryed to activate those codes you gave her after you realised that she scammed you? That's the first thing I would do. To see if I could do it before she does.

gyrgyr said...

Whoa, I'm sorry! I've never been hacked (don't really have anything of value, haha) but I've been scammed and your right, it sucks majorly. So many people have been geting hacked and stolen from lately...I hope Stardoll thinks of a solution (doubtful) but so far they haven't been a whole lot of help. :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry for you :S
YEs I've been hacked. And a girl (%$#@^&*) who hacked me I thought will be trustworthy (she had more than 3000 sp).... \i was visitting her site everyday (my friends done it for me also) and finally she was deleted :) she scammed me on 200$...well we learn on our mistakes right?

Chloee..x said...

Whoa, you lost three gift codes?
I was hacked once on my old acc, but I never gave out my pass..they used one of those hacking sites, changed my pass and email so I had no chance of getting it back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got hacked by stuffstuff. She pretended she was the Stardoll staff. I only trusted her because she was my BF before on Stardoll. I gave her my password and she said it might take half an hour to get the stardollers. So I logged off, watched TV came back on then my pass never worked. I went on my spare user and my account got changed. It was superstar, I was so upset :( The account hacked is 2friends123 and hacker is stuffstuff.

Anonymous said...

Today i had been hacked and i feel so bad cause that bitch old all my old DKNY that i had benn collected for such a long time...I really dont know what to do because i want to get my account back and i do no how, i read that stardoll stuff doesnt even answer for your complainments it sucks cause i spent so much money for it...

Anonymous said...

hey i feel so sorry for yuh !! this happened to me bt i didnt give out my password or anything i closed my account and everything...i mean i logged out wen i was finished and now someone stole my doll and i feel like crying !! dude can you plz help me find out who it was plz i begg you i begg you i need help 4reals !! i gave my passeord to a tru frend and she doesnt remember it !! i know she wuld never do anything like that to me even though clearly my doll was better (( not to brag )) jst help me plz ::: stolen identity :: i_LuB_yOu_Ao_Fb !! love you.

Anonymous said...

I was hacked. My account is sweet.cello and I put 5 giftcodes into that. I didn't give her my pass or anything

Anonymous said...

Oh my god thats soo bitchy! My bff Claraqueen got hacked by this loser. She used to be superstar. =[

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Hackers.Should.Die said...

I was hacked before... well only once though, some b!tch hacked me when she asked to confirm my e-mail for me ( i was a newb, i didnt know anything ) and I had 1600 stardollars and i was a superstar. So i listened to her and the next day I couldn't log on for 3 months. She said the only way to get my account back was to give her 6 giftcodes. But i didn't. That hacker was pretending to be 2 people... and I knew that but she wouldtn admit it. I knew because, they would always be in the same house ( and no they are not sisters ) We knew eachother on MSN and thats how she told me it. I hate hackers, i hope hackers burn in he||... I'd be glad to say bad things to their grave.

Ebony said...

i had 1000 stardollars in my account and the next morning i had 0. someone logged into my account and used me to buy everything in their starbazaar. stupid ass stardoll doesnt even show who i bought it from. that would've helped me big time

Anonymous said...

I was scammed out of 120sd by todays covergirl samsung95. She said that she would sell meher DKNY red satin dress with bowtie. I bought 2 itmes for 60sd each, then she never put the dress up for sale, she closed her GB, she deleted all comments that I made about it, and WON COVERGIRL. PLease don't trade with her!

~AvatarML14 (on stardoll)

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Sula said...

I know how you feel.
It happend to me years ago.
Never again I am going to make that same mistaske.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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