Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuxedo Ladies

Over the years, and upon the fashion weeks and collections, one element seem to be always present, maybe in different styles, various colors,but it is indeed an essential piece to complete each collection!and it is *drums rolls*.....The Female Tuxedo ! Conceived as classy, elegant, and inspired from the male similar clothing piece by Yves Saint Laurent, it turned out to be...interprated to all the styles; edgy, funky, sexy, classic, rebel, minimalistic, glamour......and the list is so long! And honestly, this post was inspired by two things, the first is the image of Kasia( Undamyunbrellla) in her wonderful minimalistic and daring, modern tuxedo, and an article on an old spanish Vogue issue ( December2008 ), and with that in mind, finding Stardoll's Tuxedo Ladies became my quest! So, let's move on , and discover some wonderful tuxedos created by some wonderful designers!
Givenchy , Armani
100% Classic, 100% Elegant, 100% graceful !

YSL , Christian Lacroix The incarnation a very subtle but daring sensuality soaked in a cup of sophistication.
Izac Mizrahi , Chanel
sobre et funky, simple et crazy, the tuxedo is presented unlike the usual, with a spare touch of lightness, even if at the first sight, Chanel apears to be very formal, but the very formal accessories and look somehow dressed it down.
Erin Fetherson , Alexander Wang
Femme Fatale!an impression that both those tuxedos procure, but each one in it own way!
with a Fierce and ferosh touch at Fetherson's

Dior , Y-3
Just some other Tuxedos that i adored!
*The photos are taken from different seasons, from RTW and couture.
And as i mentionned before, here are some of our stardollian tuxedo ladies:

UndamyUmbrellla , working girl style,embellished of a great accessorizing and the shoes + leggings give so much charm to the outfit, and procures the classy aspect of the Tuxedo.

Sosso-96 , wonderful outfit and a very creative tuxedo jacket, that scintillates and give a red carpet style to the outfit!

To_Royal , as usual her outfit is flawless, and the necklaces gives the edgyy style!

Mik-ma , funk the funk, that outfit is super funkayy! i love the tights and shoes and also the very casual t-shirt and tatoos makes it jump over the edge!

Isabella.Arci , Layering goddess gone simplitude, and it comes out as a total perfection!

MySecketLover , a fabulous color matching, using a sparckling turquoise that makes the black looks scintillating.

Twiggy1010 , so cute outfit! and she's pulling off the Tuxedo with so much creativity and uniqueness


Generally, the Tuxedo jacket, have been transformed with each designer to a sophisticated form of the jacket and the blazer, and as noticed, on stardoll, and in our starplaza, there's a few tuxedo jackets for girls and the ones that are available now are almost all from Elle! So Go Elle and Go Tuxedo!




Hoover Girl said...

I'm so proud of my little Mika!

Undamyumbrellla said...

Thank you for featuring me! Great article :)

- Lady F said...

Great article, i agree, tuxedos will never get old!

MissDiorFashion said...

Fabby post, Heidi! I love all the outfits people made on stardoll.. beautiful!

MadWorld said...

Manly lol.

torangle said...

I like Mik-Ma and isabella arci's the best!

Beverly said...

Wow, brilliant post. I loved reading it. My favourite tuxedo ladies would have to be: Sosso-96, Undamyumbrellla, to_royal and mik-ma but all of them are gorge!

Claire said...

I adore all the tuxedo ladies, but i'm very fond of Dei's outfit.

YaelAlon said...

The outfits are good, but most of them arent realy tuxedoes!

ladygaga2321 said...

awesome post!!

william said...
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william said...

Great! Wow, these ladies look stunningly gorgeous in a tux inspired outfits. They've just given tuxedos a new definition, color and style. Hope to see some more articles like this.

Theo Trollbeads said...

ALL, winter short-suh, or even an outfit that was put together for many occasions I dubb this " the sampler". For many reasons unknown Korean women and men throw together outfits and accessorize without  a conscious thought to color, sensibility or season. For instance I saw a woman on the subway with crazy permed hair, a glittery bow accessory, a pink hobo bag with a huge picture of Hello Kitty's face that said "Wink Cat", black curduroy short shorts,  navy blue tights, a lacey baby blue camisol over a black turtle neck coved by a white blazer  with a coat of arms patch ,  light weight hot pink scarf looped around her neck and topped of with a red puffy parka and brown stilettos with rhinetones on them.

Anonymous said...

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