Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creativity Bloom

Dreamma A Style Mantra with a Wild Imagination and a Creativity with no limits!

Have you ever seen something like that?come on admit it the answer is NO,well that is Dreamma and what she calls "The Museum",a place where you can find items that you have never seen like those partywigs,and thousands of accessories or some brilliantly designed clothes.It might seem first like a total randomness (lol)but when you keep looking at it you can see that she expressed wildly her creativity an crazy style trough it and it looks amazingly stunning!!and in a way very organized!! Apart from that,Dreamma is a huge supporter of uniqueness and encourages everyone to express his/her creativity and to show it to the world with no fear of being rejected!!!She also mixes the colors and layers her outfits like no one!Can anyone alse wear that huge amount of colors and still looks chic distinguished and stylish?well?Dreamma can!and she's doing it brilliantly!Also Her make up and hair dye is always unique,fresh and exquisite!! She also owns a blog that i personnally adore,where she gives make up and fashion tips,designers,and her personnal view of stardoll and stardoll's virtual life!! Go Dreamma!paint that stardoll monochromatic world in wild hot colors!!

Till the next post Ciao




Sofia said...

Dreamma rocks!!!

Cassiee said...

This girl's style is so unique! she's the type of girl i look up to and she deserves to be known by the whole fashion industry of stardoll!! Don't ever change dreamma you rock!

lola said...

she's stunnin!

Babii-Mariex said...

Dreamma is a style icon to many on stardoll and she defiantly deserves to be featured in this blog. She is defiantly a trendsetter!