Friday, July 25, 2008

Stunning Stylista!!

Steelone...pure style dose!!!
this stylista has never stopped surprising me,she dares the difference,and expresses her style and wild imagination trough prodigious and astonishing ensembles as the one above,when i first saw it i asked my self,what could it possibly be,then i found out!it's pure genius dears!!She layered three dresses that give the witt,elegance and a luxurious effect and added the McQueen dress to add a touch of fantasy and extravagence!brilliant huh?without talking about the perfect accessorizing and the personalized gloves.
Steelone is uber talented,and makes every outfit she creates unique!she is also the editor-in-chief of Done! magazine that we featured before in our blog!!
You might say why the same person again!!well we simply love her and consider her as one of stardoll most stylish and creative trendsetters!


Babii-Mariex said...

Agreed. She has excellent style and her magazine is absolutely amazing!

leonaaaa. said...

shes got amazing style!!!!! greaatttt post heiiddii!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Outfit.. Only Steelone Could Pull This Off! Well Done :) xXx