Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Layering Godess

Isabella.Arci is her name.....Layering is her game.
How could i start the trendsetters saga without beginning by the uber talented,and inspiring Isabella.
This lady have style magical powers,she creates breathtaking ensembles made of dozens of clothing pieces and accessories,that show in an optical illusion like one sophisticated haute couture dress.
Yesterday,i saw her newly made gown,i was amazingly surprised by her creativity and talent.she looked luxurious,fresh,elegant,and sophisticated all in a once.*doing la hola to the meister*
And being a fashion godess,the show's cover girl twice,and stardoll's own Vogue,Style's(style_magazine) cover girl twice aswell,she stayed down to earth,kind and sweet.I hope that her creativity will keep blooming and inspiring the actual and future stardoll generations.
Till the next post Ciao amigos!


ironie.calls said...

she's my idol! she's amazing!! i love you isabella!!

Heidi-di said...

yeah i loveand respect her too!she's amazing!!

Babii-Mariex said...

Isabella Defiantly Is A Style Icon On Stardoll & I Don't Blame Her.. Her Style Is Fabulous!

Isabella.Arci said...

Wow i am hounoured to see all these nice comments. Thank you!

Heidi-di said...

Wow <3 thank you Isabella for visiting our blog,and commenting!!it's such a honour!!

Isabella.Arci said...

That "isabella.arci" who left a comment is not me.

I am registered at blogspot thus having a real photo along with my username.

Also, that's not the way I write. Plus I always leave a signature.

Anyway, THANK YOU for featuring me in your FAB blog! Am an instant fan!

Keep up the great work!


Heidi-di said...

Thank you so much Isabella(the real one not the pathetic girl who pretend to be her)for visiting and for this comment and for awaking me up on people's lowness,i will delete every pretended comment,apart from the one above because it's a proof of people low manners.

blogger.galie said...

i love this blog!