Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Artistically floral !

Latin91 ....floral designs....artistical touch.
Her designs are perfect for the summer!fresh,floaty and simple!and she have her own style!(look at that outfit perfectly accessorized without looking over)
I simply loved her creations,they reminded me Vivienne Tam's ones!they have the same touch of nature and the prints are so sophisticated and elegant,i'm not talking about the Hello Kitty ones(i'm not a fan but find'em cute) but about the floral prints designs,and i'm quite impressed,even if i find that her prices are quite high;but i suppose it's worth the time and efforts she puts in it!
This girl hits Stardoll with a big bang bang!and a floral blooming!
Till the next post Ciao my dears!


VOGU3.GIRL said...

thats pretty!! i love florals its so this summers style!

AmY-BaByeex said...

hey everyone! I LOVE this outfit! add me on stardoll if you want ... AmY-BaByeex << my username xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thats Nice!

Keziyayah said...

Incredible website guys!!! I absolutely love it and if i get time (and some bloody patience) ill def feature it in theacidcroad.blogspot.com

-Take Care