Monday, July 28, 2008

New SD-Trendsetters Club.

Hey everyone! Recently (Literally An Hour Ago) I Created A New Stardoll Club For This Blog. It's Called SD-Trendsetters And We Already Have Over 50 Members. We Would Apprechiate It Alot If All Readers Would Join As Updates, Competitions And More Will Be In This Club. When We Have Over 80 Members We Will Be Holding A Giftcode Competition Where You Can Win A Giftcode! And Lots Lots More.
Currently We Have 2 Managers, Heidi-di And Isabella.Arci And We May Add New Managers If They Do Good For The Club.
Anyway Tell Us What You Think Of The Club In A Comment And Join.
Marie 0x
Over & Out.


flowerdust said...

i joined! its awesomee!

Heidi-di said...

I'm so excited!!!

NICOLLE said...

Your Club And Blog Are Both Excellent. You Have Alot Of Members For One Day!

puccapo said...

Of course i will join :)

britney said...

Good Job On The Blog ;]
Keep It Up!